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Care For Your Hair

By Shila Parajuli

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Summer is on and so are the hair problems. The chances of our hair getting vulnerable to damage increases with heat, sweat and pollution in summer. Here are some hair tips which you might be interested in.

Proteins: Your hair is a bunch of proteins that is made up of long chains of amino acids. Clinching enough proteins in your daily diet makes your hair relaxed, long and strong. So include chicken, fish, dairy products and eggs along with vegetarian diet like lentils and nuts. Furthermore, a balanced diet is also necessary for healthy hair and healthy scalp.

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Washing Your Hair: How often do you shampoo your hair? This is a very important thing to consider.  Many people wash their hair quite frequently but this makes hair dry and brittle. You can use dry shampoo instead of washing it frequently. However, keep in mind that conditioning hair is necessary if you shampoo it more. Hot hair-oil massaging with ginger juice before bathing makes your hair feel good and also results in less hair fall; it assists in hair growth as well. You can also use a mixture of honey, egg and olive oil to massage your hair for treating it and making it stronger.

Use of Heat: Let your hair dry naturally. Let it air dry. Don’t use blow dryer, hot comb or curling iron repeatedly. If you do want to use them, put them to the lowest heat setting possible. If you are likely to iron your hair frequently, it is better for you to use hair heat protectant (available in beauty parlors and cosmetic shops) before introducing your hair to heat. Also, limit the time a hot comb or curling iron touches your hair. Moreover, if you are a frequent hair-iron user, it will be better if you go for hair treatment once a month; you can go to parlors for an overall hair treatment, or you can also do it at home using hair treatment creams available in the market.

Coloring Your Hair: Hair colors might be responsible for damaging your hair. You should be very careful with the brand / product you are using for coloring your hair and also about some of the factors about your hair before coloring it. Some good hair coloring brands are Loreal and Garnier. Since we live in Nepal, be careful to avoid duplicate, low quality products. Wait for a minimum of two weeks before reapplying hair color. Color your hair according to the intensity of dyed tone of your hair and the quantity of white hair you have.

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Above all, protect your hair from pollution and physical damage. One option can be to bind your hair loosely.

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Information Source: Shanta Sapkota

Shanta Sapkota is a beautician by profession. She currently works in Biratnagar in her own parlor.