Fri, 24 May, 2024

Can’t We?

By Dipesh Poudel

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One evening I was walking back home from college. I heard someone shouting at me from behind. When I looked back I saw a man on bike trying to get past the people on the footpath. I checked whether I was walking on the footpath or not and to my surprise I was. I did not understand why that man was shouting at me. He was the one riding the bike where people were supposed to walk.

I resumed walking. This time something on my mind was bothering me. I had a feeling that I had seen this guy somewhere before but I couldn't remember where. After thinking hard for sometime it struck me. He was the HOD (Head of Department) of Accounting in the College where I did my +2. Since I was a student of science, I  did not need to study Accounting, so we never meet in class. I only knew him from the school's prospects pamphlet. Well that day I realized that just by getting a degree in a certain field does not make a person educated. He was a guy with a degree in Accounting, was he not? But that did not stop him from shouting at me when he rode the bike where he was not supposed to and I did not give him way. He was supposed to teach me to follow the rules and regulation of our country not the other way around. I always hear people saying how our traffic police and government sucks at managing traffic and controlling road accidents. Most of the the people who shout at top of their lungs, scold government and traffic police are the ones who break traffic laws, as if the laws are not meant for them. It is just an example. We are always scolding our government for not doing something or not doing it properly. To some extent it is right but is it right to scold the government for everything while we break laws as if they are our human right? Why is it that there should be a traffic police everywhere to make sure people are following the rules properly? Can't we follow them even in their absence?