Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Breaking Promises

By Navaraj Kharel

Art By: Nikita Gautam

Two friends were having a talk. Eventually, they started to talk about health and fitness. Pranil: You have gone out of shape, Dude. Anil: Yeah, I know I need to exercise. Pranil: Let’s hit the gym. When do we start? Anil: Let’s start from Monday. Pranil: Today is Monday. Anil: Next Monday, I mean.

This is exactly the same bin that we all fall into. Most of us dream to have a good physique and a healthy body. But we try to ignore the fact that there is no secret to transformation. We can find numerous ways to have a great body in Google. But that is not going to take us anywhere until and unless we dedicate ourselves to it.

Keeping through with the regular diet and exercise for transformation is really a tough task. Simple things are best and we all have been hearing about this. So, the simplest formula is keeping promises.

‘I promise’ is a very plain phrase. When you give your promise to someone else, you would do anything in order to keep that promise. But, what if the promise was made to you yourself?

Most of us tend to break the promise every time and I bet it is the easiest thing to do in the world.

Besides these things, we tend to keep our promises and goals in the bottom of our to-do list. And sometimes we make promises that are really hard to keep. Big promises should never be made. For an example: if I promise myself that I will not eat a particular type of food to decrease my weight, or I will go jogging or I will hit the gym every day, that is not going to help me. There is a no way these promises can be kept.

Did you get me? Something will always happen to wreck these promises and that is for sure.

There is no magic to keep promises and get what you want from yourself. It is actually a pretty simple process and I mean it. It is simple. Make a single promise to yourself and that cannot be derailed by any circumstance. Make a doable promise even when life gets on your way. That will lay a strong foundation to your promise and that foundation will eventually make you ready for bigger promises. If you promise yourself that you will do cardio for five minutes daily and keep it regularly, it might work. That is the key. Further, when you go for an hour of cardio, you should not stop until the 59th minute. Try it, that feeling is going to be awesome!

If done so, you won't quit; that's for sure. You will learn gradually to be perfect in keeping your promises. It works for all and I know it will work for you too!

Make that very first promise to yourself and that will lay a staircase to your transformation. Remember, each promise you keep will give you the power of confidence and self-esteem which is indestructible. Keeping promise is difficult but breaking it is easy. You are the one to decide what to do. You are the one and only master of your fate.

Stay Healthy!