Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Breakfast Club: Movie Review

By Prakriti Shree Tuladhar

Photo Courtesy The present year is 2015. “The Breakfast Club” was released in 1985 and yet that evening as I was watching the movie, all I could think about was, how true! This movie is written and directed by John Hughes who has made a remarkable attempt to show the divided students, that they aren’t different from each other and they aren’t alone. The movie is simply about five very different high school students who have to stay at school for an entire Saturday and that day they learn about how they are different and about how they aren’t so different after all. There's the class rogue guy (Judd Nelson), the shy basketcase (Ally Sheedy), a member of the wrestling team (Emilio Estevez), the spoilt daughter (Molly Ringwald) and the studious awkward guy (Anthony Michael Hall).The film revolves around how, these 5 people who don’t even bother to know each other’s names at first become helpful, caring friends who can understand and support each other through their problems. The plot is not surprising, nor is it full of revelations about students and student life, but the movie does not need it at all. It is complete as it is with its simple storyline. The actors are wonderful and convincing and the supporting casts are good in their roles. The teacher could have been portrayed as a bit more realistic but other than that, the movie is perfect. All in all, it’s a movie I enjoyed a lot and a movie that has made a strong impression on my mind.  So if you haven’t watched the movie, give it a try. After that, I’ll let the movie speak for itself.