Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Born to Die

By Asmita Bista

Photo Courtesy: ‘Life’ - the four lettered word is not actually just a word. It says lots of things. Life is described as the time period between birth and death. Actually, life starts with birth and ends with death. Life may be defined as the journey from birth to death. Actually, we take birth to eventually die. We are all born alone and obviously die alone. We do not bring anything with us except happiness to our parents’ face when we step into this world. We live our life as it is supposed to be lived. We go through different phases; including childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Childhood is supposed to be a great phase of  life where we do not go through any problems since our minds aren't able enough to understand and tackle problems. We play and enjoy those moments. But still there are some of us who suffer from lots of problems in that golden phase of life. We may not get enough happiness and enjoyment that we should be getting. Whatever it is, we must live and the life goes on. We are supposed to be lucky if we live a happy life encountering joy more than sorrow. It feels good when we know we have people who love and support us. Our friends, family and relatives stay with us during our lifetime and we ultimately do have attachments with them. We feel bad when anyone of them goes away from us. We do have our aim to be something or get something. We feel lucky if we achieve whatever we wish for. It is not that hard if we try our best for success. But when we have lots of things we become selfish trying to achieve more and more. Yeah, everybody becomes selfish when they feel that they have got everything they could ever have. When everything is okay and we are satisfied with whatever is with us, there comes the bitter truth of life - death, really? I mean, is it necessary to die? When I first asked my parents, they answered that we’re born to die. Everyone must go after they’re born. Whatever we do during our lifetime goes to vain after we die. Those beautiful moments remain as memory for others. Those people who were surrounded by smiles during our birth will be surrounded again but with tears. The bitter truth is that death may come to any one at any situation. Whenever we’ll find a person passing away in front of us, we’ll realize how bad it feels to accept that the person who kept speaking and laughing is no more with us. Life is nothing. We do not have any guarantee of our life. We may die at anytime and anywhere. We have no idea when we’re going to die. A newly born child may die after 1 minute of his birth, this is so-called life. So, live your life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment. Do not look back nor look for future. Hope for the best but never expect anything. Life is beautiful but turns ugly when we do not live it happily. Everybody comes across obstacles but overcoming them and leading the normal life makes our life complete. Cheers to life!