Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

My Passion for Books

By Sameer Koirala

I don't remember the exact date I started reading novels but I can confidently say that I have read more than 100 novels. Now, how did it all start? I think it’s because of my passion for stories. I frequently used to visit my school's library seeking for story books. This habit turned me into a novel enthusiast. At first I started by reading some of the BBC top 100 books. Then I started reading fantasy novels which really got me hooked into the world of novels.

You are reading a wrong book if you feel bored and just want to toss the book away while reading. You just haven't found any book that really arouses your interest. Trust me when I say this, when you find the book, you will literally keep on reading into the night without blinking. Everyone has their own interest. Try reading books related to your field of interest.

If you think reading extra books other than course books is just a waste of time and it would not be helpful in your studies, then you are wrong. I can say that reading novels have helped me in my studies in different way. I would like to share with you how it helped me in my studies.

1. Fast reading and grasping concept faster

After reading many novels, your reading automatically gets faster and you will grasp the meaning faster too. You might not remember each and every word but you will easily understand what the paragraph/line is trying to convey. This has helped me in understanding various topics in my course faster specially when exams are nearing and I haven't prepared much. I have actually scored high marks by just 4 hours of studying.

2. Expansion of vocabulary and grammar knowledge

Reading various books, you will learn about different words and their meaning. You will gain knowledge on how a word can be used in different ways to express many things. You will understand the contrasting writing styles of various authors. From there, you will develop your own writing style. Of course knowledge is nothing if you can't implement it. So, writing something always helps in utilizing your vocabulary and improving your grammar.

3. Mind refresher

Whenever you feel bored or out of mood due to constantly reading course book, reading novels helps quite a lot. You will be entertained while reading what you like and when you go back to doing what you were doing or have to do, you will have a refreshed mind. Whenever I feel tired and bored doing assignments or get stuck on problems, I just read some chapters from novels that refreshes my mind. Sometime new ideas enter my mind helping me in solving the problem I was stuck on.