Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Book Review: Karnali Blues

By Dipesh Poudel

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Short sentences, simple words and story of an ordinary person and yet 'Karnali Blues' by Buddhisagar is an amazing novel. This novel is basically a portrayal of ‘Father-Son relationship’ from the eyes of a son wherein the son holds changing perspectives about his father as he grows up. The story begins right from childhood days of the narrator and develops as he grows up. His mischievous activities during his childhood days, his perspective over people and places and his relationship with his father are worth reading.

The most amazing part about this novel is the use of language. The events are explained with such microscopic detail that a reader feels like ‘WOW!’. The metaphors and similes used in the novel force readers to burst out in laughter and sometimes feel nostalgic and emotional. The use of vulgar words in right places makes an even more realistic read. The simplicity of the words and sentences in the novel makes a reader feel like he/she is reading non-fiction. In the novel, writer compares the Father-Son relation in two different settings: one during the childhood days which was a very pleasant and encouraging relationship and the other during the hospital days, when his father is in pain and fighting death in hospital bed. Karnali Blues is one of the amazing novels in Nepali literature. The words are simple but the presentation is amazing. I recommend everyone to once go through this amazing piece of work. I can promise you won't regret it.