Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Book Review : A Bridge to Terebethia

By Shreha Regmi

How fun would it be to have your own imaginary world? Have you ever wished of being a king or a queen? Do you know how it feels to fight off the bad monsters to save your kingdom? Is your friendship strong enough that no one can take it away? Do you know the feeling of losing someone who is a very important part of your life? A beautiful book about friendships, imagination and grief, The Bridge to Terebethia is a classic. Written by Katherine Paterson this book is about two friends coming together and exploring a whole new world of imagination. Imagination, yes. Jesse Aron is a quiet kid and he loves to draw. He is an amazing artist, but his family is poor. He is the only son in his family with his two older sisters and his little sister May Belle. And there is this new kid, Leslie Burke. A girl, but a competition for the boys. All Jesse wants is to be the fastest runner, but when Leslie participates, she is the one who's always wins and makes the boys lose. Leslie is rich, and as days pass by she and Jesse become best friends. They are inseparable. Leslie has a great imagination. She imagines a whole new different world and along with Jesse goes out to explore the new world. There is a small river that separates their imaginary world with the real world and they go there with the help of a swing. They name it “Terebethia” and call themselves king and the queen of Terebethia. They fight monsters, the big dog like squirrels, the trolls and the Dark shadow. However,all’s gone when Jesse goes out to Washington with his music teacher Ms. Edmuns.  And with Jesse out of town, Leslie decides to go to Terebethia alone. What happens next changes both of their lives. This book is a lovely book about friendship. While it may be a book for teens, it also teaches adults the importance of friendship and loved ones. It is a wonderful and timeless book, and if you're emotional, it will definitely make you cry. So, grab this book and explore Leslie and Jesse’s world. Hang out with them and fight the dark monsters. Make friends with them and go through The Bridge to Terebethia.