Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Book Reading Techniques

By Shreha Regmi

Photo Courtesy: So it’s been really long since I last wrote an article. And this one was assigned to me by my Vice-President. Reading a book. I love to read novels and fiction, but I have read  very little of biographies and non-fiction and philosophy. That is why, whenever I go to buy a book, I end up buying a book about detectives (because I am a huge fan of crime and detective series) and pictures (well, I still am a small kid ;)) and adventures (I love to read about them, but I’m too scared to experience them). However, I want to read all kind of books that I get. Sadly, I can’t. I can’t because whenever I start reading a biography or a book about economics or especially books written in Nepali, I start to yawn and the book makes me sleepy. When I start reading a book and I don’t get a word, I throw that book away and not read it my entire lifetime. Yes, people, I know that you mustn’t judge a book by its cover or its first page, but I can’t help it. Therefore, whenever you are reading a book, please get some information about that book. Getting information doesn’t mean reading its summary or its main theme. It just means to see some of its reviews, ratings and get some knowledge about the type of book, the author, the genre. Whenever I go to a book store to buy a book, I first look at the name of the book. And if the name fascinates me, it’ll go into my collection. Whenever I see a book, I always see the cover page and the back page of that book. I read what’s written on the back and if it’s interesting, it again goes to my collection. Also, if you are reading a book, go and read in someplace where it’s quiet, and where you can be alone because that makes you concentrate on the only thing you are doing. If you like, you can take a cup of coffee or tea or something to eat. I personally cannot do that because eating while reading distracts me and all of my mind goes to eating . This is the most important thing of all. Before you start following all these steps, please know yourself, your heart, your mind. Find out whether you want to read a book or not. Because if it doesn’t come from your heart, then no one on this entire planet can make reading a book fun for you. So it depends on yourself if you want to read a book or go and have a nap since you cannot go against your mind and your heart.