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Book Club Theater Visit Experience

By Book Club

Members of The Book Club along with guest readers and winner of Book Review of the Month went to Mandala Theater to watch drama Bill Gates Pandit on March 6th, 2016. Here is an experience of some of them.

The experience with the book club has always been amazing since day one. The book “The Grand Design” was an amazing book. After the completion of the book, I got a chance to go see a play with the club members and the winners of the competition held by the club titled “Bill Gates Pandit”.

The play was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The play is about a schizophrenic patient and how he sees the world. The storytelling, the acting, and the actors were incredible. The book club had booked us the front row seats. We were thrilled and did not know what to expect. After the play began, we were glued to our seats. I recommend everyone to go see a play, any play, at least once in their lifetime.

Kundan Rana (Guest Reader)

I had heard that theaters would be of more fun from numerous individuals. However, I had not got that opportunity to go and appreciate that appear. And then, the book club was with the theater visit. Just after, I was out of the theater corridor, I thought "Why didn't I take the chance to visit theater prior?" Seriously, I discovered theaters more fascinating than motion pictures, more reasonable. The acting was splendid. I was having goosebumps all throughout the entire show.

We had watched “Bill Gates Pandit”. It depicted the Nepalese society in a way that parents transfer all their wishes into the heads since the child is born. It is thought that naming a child with a meaningful name will transform him/her into that kind of personality. But in reality, it does not exist except in some exclusions. More than living our interest, we tend to be inclined towards our job, our future and even the future our children. And so on the life goes on. The real amazement of watching the show cannot be limited to just this piece of writing. Lastly, I would suggest everyone to go and grab your tickets. I am sure you will be adoring that magnificence.

Utkrista K.C (Book Club Member)

When I heard that we were going to watch a play titled “Bill Gates Pundit”, I couldn’t think of it being anything but a comedy play. Having had the pleasure of watching plays in rather large, sophisticated halls, “Mandala Hall” did disappoint me when I first entered it but I was absolutely star-struck by how awesome the play was. The robotic voice of the narrator, the unbelievable acting of the lead character, “Dhan Bahadur Pundit” and his ever-loving girlfriend, the plot; everything was astonishing. I was truly moved by the character’s act as each word they spoke pierced my heart. When the play ended, I could feel the satisfaction on everyone around me. It made me truly happy to have watched a play of this magnitude which will always remain in my memories as one of the best plays’ I’ve watched.

Abhusan Gautam (Book Club Member)

Being the winner of the Book Review of the Month, I got this amazing opportunity to go and watch a drama in theater with The Book Club. It was an amazing experience for me. It was worth time and effort that I spent writing a book review. The Drama was “Bill Gates Pandit” and the performances were priceless.

Unlike in movies, there are no retakes in the drama which make it a very difficult for actors.  I suggest people to go to the theater once in their lifetime. I bet that it will be an awesome experience of one's lifetime.

Sagar Giri (Winner Book Review of the Month, February)