Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Book Club First Session Experience

By Dipesh Poudel


The first session was quite interesting to me. We shared our creative writings along with some interesting videos that was worth listening as well as watching. Likewise, the discussion made on the controversial topics was much more fun.

Utkrista K.C (Member)


The first discussion of the reshuffled Book Club was interesting. I had attended a similar discussion with the former members of the Book Club. I have to say that this discussion session was more interesting than the last one. The discussion about GOD was rather fascinating as it is a vast topic. What I felt was that, since the members are new to the Club and the college, there was a rather monotonous air surrounding the members. Not a lot of people were talking and the ones who were talking were the only ones who made the session fascinating. The book that is currently being read, "The Grand Design" is a riveting book. I hope that the book will make for a captivating read.​​

Kundan Shumsher Rana (Guest Reader)


It was my first discussion session being a member of Book Club. It was good and effective too. We all shared our opinion and feelings. We discussed about the topic different from our usual book from which I gained new ideas and senior's views. It allowed me to interact with different member of the club. The best part of DWIT to make involvement of the students in different club according to their interest is really appreciated. We can get a lot of knowledge by our participation in different works provided by the club. Being a member of the club I have got some responsibilities to fulfill and to be the active member of the club. I really enjoy the discussion session with  friends, senior brother and sisters.  We choose the chapter to read and discuss in our next club discussion session. Different information was shared among us. I am happy to be the member of the book club all the members are friendly with each other.

Raman Pandey (Member)


Till date I have enjoyed myself in the class and am more hopeful in the nearby future. The first meeting session was quite good and I liked the way president started with rules and regulations and how he mentioned that it was mandatory for everyone to take a responsibility and fulfill it accordingly. Also it was good to know about the members and how everyone could get an opportunity to lead the crowd.

Nabina Khadka (Member)


On January 5th, Tuesday, we had our first book club session. I joined the book club a couple of weeks back and had been eagerly waiting for the first session. I was very excited about this session and I must say, it matched my expectations. The session which lasted for an hour, seemed to pass like minutes. At the end of the session, I felt like an hour wasn't enough.

The session started with Dipesh, the club president sharing his poem, "The Night Actually Falls in This Place". Then, it was followed by a thought sharing by Kundan on 'Luck'. This sparked an interesting conversation in which all the members shared their perspective. And, as one thing led to another, we had a long and interesting discussion on 'The existence of God'. Each and every member and the guest readers shared their different perspective of god. Spooky, cryptic, funny; all kinds of stories were shared by the participants.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the discussion we had in our first session, and I'm looking forward to the next session.

Sushil Awale (Member)

I felt excited to share the things that I know and was very happy to listen to others thoughts and views on different topics. It was my first meeting with the book club. I think it went great. I think this book, “The Grand Design”, will be interesting to read and I hope to share my opinion on this book with the other members in the near future. I think I will learn new things about the universe from this book. So, I am excited to read and complete it.

Aasha Poudel (Guest Reader)

It was really my pleasure to be a part of the book reading session. Although we didn't read the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was actually fun to discuss on the topic of "GOD", and special thanks to brother who let us to discuss the topic. I got to share my opinion and hear from others. The Slum Poetry video was good too. Poem from President was nice. It was a lot of fun. I hope the coming sessions of Book Reading will be fun too along with the studies.

Dipal Malla (Guest Reader)


It was a wonderful experience. We discussed topics like luck and existence of god. It was good to listen to other’s ideas and share my own. I am looking forward to more session of the book club.

Dipesh Poudel (Member)