Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

The Book Club Completes Arresting God in Kathmandu

By Nikita Gautam

Photo: Shreha Regmi, member of the Book Club, reading a chapter of the book Photo Courtesy: Nikita Gautam On March 19th, the Book Club, completed "Arresting God In Kathmandu" by Samrat Upadhyay.  After completing a marvelous book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Book Club selected another fictional novel by a Nepali writer. Book Club selected this book because it was the debut book by the writer. It is a collection of short stories (total of nine stories), each story reflecting lives of local people residing inside Kathmandu valley. Guest members selected for this session were Kundan Shumsher Rana and Umang Gurung, who are fifth and third semester students at DWIT respectively. Main Theme for this session was "Book Reading", which is a new initiative brought in practice by the Book Club. Shreha Regmi and Aashish Khanal did book reading of one of the chapters of the book, "A Great Man's House". Hitesh Karki, the chief academic officer, was also present in this session. The session lasted for about 3 hours. According to the members of Book Club, this session was the lengthiest yet the most interesting session ever had. Only the members of fifth and third semesters were present in this session; the members of first semester weren’t present due to their practical examination. One of the members of Book Club said, "I could relate to many stories from the book. Human psychology can differ according to situation in which they live in. All the short stories are incomplete which I think is the main attraction of the book. I enjoyed reading it. " Another member of the club added, "Book's main attraction is the characters and the local places mentioned. Typical Nepali words like "hajur" were very precisely used. I really loved how the writer smartly picked the book's name." Book Club will now be reading book of genre "Thriller", but book has not been decided yet. They will be conducting quiz next session and will formally concluding "Arresting God in Kathmandu". This book is currently available in DWIT library.