Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Bold, Charming, and Outspoken - Mr. Ashay Thakur

By Shreeya Pandey

  Bold, charming and outspoken – Mr. Ashay Thakur was warmly welcomed for the talk program conducted by Deer Express Club on Jan. 13. Currently, he is working as the Director of Data Engineering at Deerwalk Inc. With a cheerful face, he managed to inspire and grab the attention of all the people present in the talk program through his life's bitter-sweet experiences along with frequent humor added in between. Mr. Thakur began his talk by stating the importance of being a strong person who is able to face obstacles in life as things always do not go as per the plan. He further explained that sometimes plans are not needed and one unplanned event in life can also give a good outcome. After that, he talked about how DWIT started as a small area in Sifal and how much hard work had been put up. He further adds that due to good curriculum and the flexibility of B. Sc. CSIT, it had been chosen over engineering for teaching purpose. Walking down his memory lane, he talks about his school days where he described himself as a 'weird' child who was not afraid of questioning anybody whether it be his own dad or the school teacher. He explained how his teachers used to be mad about his frequent questioning habit and how often he used to be scolded. He believes that people should not be afraid to question and should stand up for what they believe is right. After that, he talks about his last year at the school where he got quite into playing cricket which ultimately lowered his marks in SLC which was lesser than what he had scored in his send-up exams. Through this, he learned that one should not take things for granted and work harder in order to achieve it. Furthermore, he talked about his days in Pulchowk Campus where he was the president of the International Tech Festival- Locus, whose sponsorship would be provided by D2 Hawkeye. Fortunately, he got a chance to meet Dr. Rudra Pandey at that time. Dr. Rudra agreed to sponsor 10 lakh rupees if there would only be software projects for the upcoming event Locus but to his dismay, the teachers denied having only software projects and that was for the first time that D2 Hawkeye did not sponsor Locus. For his final year project, D2 Hawkeye had sponsored some money but in the last few weeks, he had to drop the project as someone had told him to and so they came up with another project. That is when he realized that sometimes in life, you have to take a step backward in order to see where you stand. He feels that in life such dead ends do arrive which does not mark the end but a beginning to a beautiful new thing. Mr. Thakur explained how he worked in data management at D2 Hawkeye even though he was least interested in it. After a couple of years, Dr. Rudra started Deerwalk Inc. that when he moved to the United States as he was offered a job there. Finally concluded his talk by wishing us all the best for our future endeavors. It was a wonderful experience to interact with Mr. Ashay Thakur. Through his talk, we got to learn new concepts and ideas to which we are grateful for.