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Bohara Shares His Shiksha Nepal Journey with Deerwalkers

By Aasha Poudel

On 20th of August 2015, The DeerExpress Club conducted a talk program in which Education Activist, Prem Bahadur Bohara, shared his experience on how he established a non-profitable organization, Shiksha Nepal. He also briefed the audience on the difficulties he had to go through to maintain the organization and its aim.

The program was conducted in Gandaki Hall. The program started at around 11:15 AM, went on for almost an hour, and was attended by second semester students of DWIT.

All the students enjoyed the program thoroughly as it was very interactive with lots of questions and answers.

The talk program was engaging till the end. The program ended with the Vice-President of DeerExpress Club handing over the token of appreciation to the guest.

Some “Get to Know” from the Talk Program:

About Prem Bahadur Bohara

Prem Bahadur Bohara is the founder & Chief Executive Officer of Shiksha Nepal, a non-profit organization committed to children's education in Nepal. The organization aims to ensure opportunities for every child to see the light of education. Bohara completed his school level education in 2061 B.S from Dolpa. He graduated with a degree in Journalism in his Bachelor Level. He has been active in empowering local communities, especially children, through various local initiatives and projects.

How did Shiksha Nepal come into existence?

In the talk program, Bohara mentioned that he had never read a storybook until he came to Kathmandu. He also mentioned that there was no library in Dolpa. The only book he ever knew were the textbooks, which he read during his school days. After coming to Kathmandu, he found different books that were very interesting and he started to visit a library.

“Once, when I went to an American Library, I found children’s book with illustrations written in both English as well as in Nepali. I started to read them. Then, I came to realize that I should collect these books and give them to the school where I had studied,” he mentioned.

He emphasized, “After I gave the books which I had collected, other schools which were close to my school also requested me to bring more books and help them to make a library in their school as well. Then the news spread all around the district. This was the spark which lit the fire for me to create Shiksha Nepal.”

About Shiksha Nepal and the work it has been doing

According to Bohara, Shiksha Nepal is an organization that is motivated to collect storybooks and provide them to every child. It was established in 2012 A.D. Since then, it has taken on many initiatives and campaigns.

Presently, Shiksha Nepal is leading a campaign “A Book To Every Child” which has set a goal to put 1,000,000 children books (children stories with illustrations) in the hands of 1,000,000 children in Nepal and ultimately form small children's libraries in different schools across Nepal. He wishes to foster and spread the joy, resilience and hope through power of story in Nepal.

Shikha Nepal has been collecting funds for its campaign by running many mass programs like selling T-shirts, mo:mos and so on. Many celebrities have also been providing support to make the campaign successful.

Interested to help Shiksha Nepal? Contact them using the contact info on their website! []