Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Bodhi Books and Bake Place: Read and Eat Together

By Abhusan Gautam

Picture Courtesy: Abhusan Gautam Bodhi Books and Bake is heaven for bibliophiles and cibophiles (people who love food). Located in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu in close proximity to Bhat-bhateni, it is easily accessible. Bodhi Books and Bake differs from other restaurants because of how simple, serene and adorable it is. After reading bountiful of positive remarks and reviews, I was excited to discover the place myself. It was an easy ride to the place, and I found the café fairly easily. The moment I got inside Bodhi Books and Bake, I was engulfed in the delicious aroma of coffee and cakes. Neatly arranged furniture, soft traditional Nepali music and stacks of well-managed books gave a strange feeling of satisfaction. It felt right, it felt like home. I was greeted with a smile and a menu. Unfortunately, the coffee-vending machine was going through maintenance, so I chose to drink Hot-lemon instead. It lacked sugar, but I helped myself to it. The book shelf cover about 1/3 of the café, and are neatly arranged. The books are categorized according to their genre and placed in an alphabetical fashion, making it convenient for readers to find the books that peak their interest. I went through the books, looking for Sidney Sheldon’s “The best Laid Plans” since I had already finished it years ago and was hoping to find it for nostalgic-reasons, but to no avail. notice I moved on, from books to bake and the transition was much “tastier”. There were so many options, and being the indecisive person I am, I kept staring at the choices until I decided to eat Oreo-Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate Brownie with Ice-cream (these were the only names I was familiar with). Oozing with chocolates and butter, the sweet cakes were savored, or let’s say, devoured. I found that despite their size, the dishes were quite filling, as I wasn’t able to eat all of what I asked for. Due to the recent fuel crisis and blockade, the prices of the cakes had tilted a little towards the expensive-side, but since the cakes were awe-striking, there were no regrets. Bodhi Books and Bakes also facilitates meetings and/or dates thanks to its cozy and quite atmosphere. I was treating the café as a library, until a couple showed up and destroyed the serene environment. Also the quite Nepali music transitioned into loud Adele songs, and provided constant distraction, (since one cannot simply not sing along during Adele’s songs). The coffee machine got fixed after I drank Hot Lemon so that was a bummer. But overall, the satisfaction level was “too Damn High” as I returned home extremely satisfied. Last words, Bodhi Books and Bake is a place for quite people, who love books and cakes. It isn’t ideal for group outings since you might destroy the atmosphere for other bookworms. Do watch out for the prices, as it lies on the expensive side. And finally, get that coveted Chocolate Brownie as it’s the best thing to have existed on the lifetime of human evolution.