Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Board Exams of Batch 2015 and 2016

By Ashmita Kunwar

The board examinations of senior batches 2015 and 2016 is going on. Seven students from the batch 2015 and 32 students form batch 2016 are busy taking their examinations. The  exam is conducted by Tribhuvan University  in Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, Bagbazar. These exams take place every six month. This is the time  for students to  show their hard work and dedication. Nepalese people stereotype academic  achievement, those students who do well in board exams are considered as good students, but those who get lower grades are considered  weak. Due to this mindset, students put extra effort for board exams and are under tremendous pressure. When asked students said that they are able to manage time very easily with no issue of time management. As they set up for the college final exams just before a week, they don’t have to put extra effort and moreover, there is a gap between each paper, thus they can prepare freely. Unfortunately, they could not enjoy the World Cup finals due to exams, for which they feel unlucky. The exam center is a good place, but the only problem is that the water they provide there for the students is dirty, not good for drinking. Contaminated water is the principal author for different disease like typhoid, diarrhea and more. Every student complains of the same problem; this was a case a month ago during the board exam of batch 2017 as well. How can the campus administration be careless about the health of students? This is a serious issue which requires immediate action. The good thing about exams like everything in life is that passes. They keep a positive perspective and that is all that matters. Best of luck on your remaining exams. Do your best!