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Blood Donation Program held at Deerwalk Complex

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

Photo: Blood Donors at DWIT Photo Courtesy: Social Service Club

On 1st October 2015, blood donation program was held at Deerwalk Complex in association with DWIT Social Service Club, Deerwalk Social Welfare Network, Deerwalk Corporate Activity Club and the Red Cross. The program started at 11 AM and lasted till 3 PM. At the event, doctors and nurses from the Red Cross were present to check the health status of the donors. A total of 77 people were registered for this event. While 61 people donated their blood, others were not able to donate due to health problems.

The last time such an event was held at the Deerwalk Complex was around 7 months ago. So, such programs at Deerwalk are not uncommon. The reason this program was held was due to the scarcity of bloods in the hospitals and blood banks. And also, since many accidents occur around the Kathmandu valley, donors wanted to help out to save lives. In recent times, due to strikes and violent protests in the Terai region, hospitals are in need of blood since they get many patients who are in need of blood transfusion.

At the event, reporters from DWIT News asked some of the donors about how they felt after donating their blood and why they did it. Here are the answers that we received:

Shekhar Basnet, Engineering Manager at Deerwalk Inc , “I am doing this because this is a noble thing to do. I want to help out in times of need. I love it that these types of events happen in Deerwalk. I want to thank the people who organized this program.”

Anil Lama, student at DWIT, “This is my first time donating blood. I was very scared to do it, but my friends told me that there is nothing to fear about and they were right. All I felt was a small sting at first, but then it felt good that I was doing such a noble thing.”

Nishan Makaju Shrestha, student at Nava International College, “I am a friend of the president of the DWIT Social Service Club. He told me that Deerwalk is organizing such a program and I wanted to be a part of it. I donate my blood once every year. But this time due to some health problems I was denied to do so by the doctor. But I like that such programs are a regular part of Deerwalk. I want to thank the organizing party.”

The program was a success and everyone who donated was glad that they came and donated. The DWIT Social Service Club has said that they are happy with the turnout and will continue to do these kinds of program in the future.

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