Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Blind Date With a Book - Coffee, Books and Conversation

By Aakankshya Shrestha

Picture: Deerwalk Literature Society
“Blind Date with a Book” organized by Deerwalk Literature Society (DLS) on March 30, promised books, coffee, and conversation and it delivered. There was no way I could have resisted the temptation. It was mentioned in the previous email that each of the participants had to bring a book to the event and as such, I had brought my copy of the "Last Man Standing " and went to the allocated room. After all the participants had arrived, the event took off with a bustle. All the books that arrived were being wrapped in opaque covers, the coffee arrived and all of us were excited to know exactly what was going to happen. Each of the participants had to pick a chit with random numbers and then find their respective partners. Each pair could then exchange their books with each other and sit down for conversation. After all of us had found our pairs, it was about to get a little formal so all of us went to the garden. It turned out to be more like a group date by then. All of us sat down in groups in the grass under the shade of trees, uncovered our books and had a laid back, fun discussion. Needless to mention it was probably the most relaxed and fun event. The event received participants from almost all of the batches and Chief Academic Officer, Mr. Hitesh Karkri as well. “I think the event went quite well. I had not anticipated such a large amount of participants as were present,” says Aadesh Dhakal ’20, Vice president, DLS. We just had a casual conversation with everyone present. I found that some of the participants were never much into reading books and had participated in this event to get motivated to read more. This was the first session of the event. The next session is going to be held after fifteen days. Within the fifteen days, the participants can read the book they received and start another conversation the next time they meet. It is a fun and creative way to make friends, converse and get a taste of a new genre of books. “I had not expected to get a book like 'Eat Pray Love.' I am ready to be surprised. Let’s see what happens,” says Riwaj Chalise ’20, a participant.