Sat, 03 Jun, 2023


By Ashmita Thapa

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I am filled with thousands of ideas rushing through my brain. The ideas are so eager to ooze out of the brain and are ready to leap on the blank pages. All I need is a blank page and I shall pour all my ideas in it. My ideas, they need attention. Attention of the viewers. They are anxious to fill the readers with the knowledge they possess. Yes, all I need is a blank page and a pen.

I found a page. A blank page! The page is white, as white as snow. The page looks so beautiful and I am wondering how beautiful it would look after I fill it with my ideas and emotions. It would be the most beautiful page on earth I imagined. Now I started looking for the pen. Found it too. Now all I have to do is hold the pen and metamorphose all of those millions of those ideas into words. I held the pen in a hope to explain my ideas. As soon as I hold the pen, I forgot all those beautiful ideas. All those ideas which were ready to leap from my mind decided to stay in my mind forever. I could not write a word.

I lose all my hope. I realized I cannot put my feelings into words. I wish I could put my feelings into words and let the rest of the world know how I feel. I thought about all those beautiful writers who could so easily put their feelings into words and give life to those words. Those words could speak louder; louder than actions or a thunderstorm. Those words could blow minds; like a swirling typhoon. And look at me I cannot even think of a word. I realize how creative and great the writers are. I am now praising all the writers in world.

There are twenty six alphabets in English languages which can be arranged together randomly to make trillions of words. Out of those trillions words, billions of them have significant meanings. There are billions of words and yet here I stand searching for the perfect word with which I could explain my emotion. I am struggling. I cannot put them in words. Why is it so hard for me? I wonder. My ideas have no limits. No boundaries. They keep swirling in my head like the whirlpool. I never run out of ideas. When I think of bringing those ideas to my lips or pen, I go blank. I simply forget all those ideas. I am still trying to write what I have in my mind but I cannot find a word. Not even a SINGLE word!

Here I stand still staring at the blank page. Maybe I am just too stunned by the beauty of the blank page. Maybe my ideas would seem like the dark spots in the beautiful moon. So, I decided to leave this blank page as beautiful as it is. It is better to just stare at the blank page than to ruin its beauty.