Sun, 26 May, 2024

Nepali Society and the Problems Around It

By Bijaya Kumar Shrestha

I did not pay much attention to that email but it made me think a lot. About a month ago, I received an email from one of the European organization that provides scholarship for further studies in Europe. The offer was really good. It was an announcement for Phd scholarship, worth 54,000 Euro as the total salary for three years, economic air ticket for traveling and other facilities. I did not pay much attention as the announcement was for social science students and made me think that a lot as it was about the current problem of Nepal. The general abstract of the research was, “Why South Asian people, specially Nepalese, want to migrate to European or North American countries?” I could not remain silent without digging into the general problem that created frustration on capable young generation and forced them to leave their motherland.

Most importantly, we do not love our work. Our society only evaluates our work based on the profile of the work but not on our effort and dedication. We are running behind the high profile jobs and do not want to start our career with simple job opportunities. In foreign countries, people easily do low profile work because there is respect for any kind of work. They work happily as responsible workers.

There is vast difference in the exchange rate of Euro/ Dollar and Nepali currency. Though the workers there are given low scale income, they are happy with what they are paid as it translates to a big amount in Nepal. They do not have to ask for loan with others to fulfill their family’s demands and live a respectable life here. They can easily manage their expenditure for house rent, electricity, water, communication, shopping and keep the family happily as people have become really money minded. They do not have to be worried about their economic status.

There are many Nepali people residing in almost all of the famous cities of America and Europe. They never feel alone during the festivals. They have enough friends and relatives to celebrate. They are never culturally attached. Internet Technology has kept them updated with the news and in close communication with family members. They know the news prior to us. They can enjoy with any Nepali TV programs; The talk show 'Fireside' or comedy show 'Meri  Bassai' and 'Bhadragol' or folk show 'Ukali Orali'.

Probably Nepal is the only nation publishing load shedding schedule as just like a university publishes the examination schedule. We are bearing the problem of load shedding of at least for 10 – 12 hours in a day. But, they  never worry about load shedding. They never worry about water. They never worry about mixed and unhealthy food.

Many times, I have been to the queue for couple of hour just to fill my bike with petrol. The frequent shortages of the petrol have created lots of frustration. Some of my friends have told me many stories of being late to the office or not reaching to the destination on time simply because they were in a queue to get the petrol. Most of the houses have kept cooking gas cylinder as backup. There is no any certainty of getting the cooking gas cylinder in market. Media has covered news about the lives of people who are not cooking food in their home since a few days as they did not get to buy/exchange the cooking gas cylinder. People have a fear of petrol shortage, cooking gas shortage.

Education is the foundation of development and civilization. Opportunity to gain the quality education has come under the capacity of rich family. There are so many primary schools charging the monthly tuition fee more than the monthly average salary of Nepali. People are afraid of uncontrolled and expensive fees being charged by the schools. No one has paid serious attention towards it. We do not want to send children to the government school due to the poor education delivery and management. On the same side, unproductive fact is, government is investing a handsome percentage of budgets for making education to the reach of every Nepali citizen.

Health is the next thing that people never compromise. It is said that health is wealth. There is a popular saying in Nepali “Rin lagos tara din nalagos”. But, there are so many people who are dying due to lack of timely health service. Some months back about fifty people died in Jajarkot due to the lack of health service and medicine. Still, hundreds of people are waiting for it. I feel that Pashupati Nath is saving Nepal. Health sectors are centralized and are so expensive that the average family with an average income cannot afford it. But in Europe and America, treatment comes first. I had experienced it during my stay in Italy. My health expenses were covered by insurance. They give more priority to human life than money. Governments have citizen friendly health policies and health facilities.

Political imbalance and false hopes of the leaders are the next factor that create frustration. As the load shedding calendar, many political parties have their own strike calendar. Nowadays, I have stopped watching/ listening/ reading national news. These unwanted and selfish strikes have made us failures as a whole. Many students walk for hours to reach their examination center. Educational organization and industries are the direct victim of strike. Many industries are closed due to the strike.

There are overcrowded people either in public transport or in temple or in government offices or on roads. People have do not have time to wait for their turn. People do not know how to stand in line and wait. They shout more than is necessary and are always in a rush to break the rules. We pay more attention towards others personal life. People have grown ego inside themselves and do not wish to see the happiness of others.

In a single sentence, we have gone uncivilized (It may not be applicable to all). We shout, “It’s the leaders who have made miserable condition of Nepal”. But we never think it’s us civilians who have made them leader.

There are many political factors as well as national factors that are creating frustration along with confusion. Things like this are making us compelled to migrate to European or American countries in search of good future. Still there are so many things that we have to improve upon to become good and civilized citizens of the nation and create a good future for our nation.