Sat, 17 Apr, 2021

Bijaya Kumar Shrestha Shares His Experience On Erasmus Scholarship

By Anish Thakuri

Photo: Bijay Kumar Shrestha sharing his experience with the students Photo Courtesy: Yunish Shakya

On 11th June 2015, The Academic Coordinator of DWIT, Mr Bijaya Kumar Shrestha shared his experience of studying abroad with the students of DWIT. The talk program was conducted by DeerExpress Club which lasted about an hour. The atmosphere of the new hall was enveloped by the giggles and laughter of the students.

To grab the attention of the students, he began the program with the story of Mr. Gorela. It was quite funny. Then he divided his talk program into three sections, Pre-Erasmus, During -Erasmus and Post Erasmus. He gave a short description about his childhood. He had completed his school level from Sree Panchkanya Lower Secondary School, a small school in the village of Chitwan district.Even as a child he was quite fascinated with scholarships. The first scholarship that he was awarded was of Rs 200. In his lifetime, he never ever hesitated to apply for the scholarship even if its worth is low. He always was eager to apply for it and did not wait for the deadline. During his bachelor study, he got a scholarship of NRs 1700 which inspired him to do even more in his life. Even though the quantity was low it meant a lot to him and getting scholarships inspired him.

“We do not pay attention as they count small amount. But do not forget a famous Nepali quotation “thopa-thopa milera nadi bancha””,he says. He had applied for the workshop of  Ms Language Translation which was worth $50. None of his friends had applied, but luckily he was offered a scholarship. Later in his studies he was awarded with a scholarship of 320 Euro offered by DAAD. This was the scholarship that helped him become a Erasmus candidate. He also emphasized that CVs should be made with much thought and care.

He said, “No matter how good grades we have, at the end of the day the world will judge us  with our CV's, not grades”. He also shared the story of joining British-Council just to learn CV writing.

His period at Erasmus was even more wonderful. Studying in the 265th ranked QS World Top universities was the blessing of his carrier. The major highlight of his Erasmus was the story of Oktoberfest and Disco, which made his short journey in a Europe memorable. He also recommends students to never waste the opportunities to learn the culture of others and make new friends. It will always be an awesome experience.

Lastly, he shares some of the links about the Erasmus scholarship project for the benefits of students.











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