Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

The Biased World

By Ankit Pradhan

The sun is moving around on its own axis. The earth is rotating, time is passing as usual. We all are lucky to get what we want but still we want more. When I look around, this world is really quite amazing and the most amazing are the people living here. It is the same world where we all live with what we have and what we don’t have. We all are born in the world to live and to struggle for our existence. When I look around, I feel that I am lucky;I feel that I am free, happy but still I am not satisfied. Sometimes I think why it is? Why we are not always satisfied with what we have got and what we are blessed with. But on the other hand, in my opinion it’s the nature of human beings and indeed this nature of not being satisfied has lead us to this advanced world. When I’m alone and walking around; I see street children who were born in this world as we all were but they are deprived of all the happiness that we are enjoying. They are living, but without food to eat, without clothes to wear, without education and without home to reside. For them this world is limited in those places where they play, where they sleep and up to where the eye can see and their mind can imagine. They cannot have a burger or a pizza, they cannot have milkshake or ice-cream, they cannot go to restaurants and hotels to enjoy, they cannot wear what they desire for but still I see smiles in their faces. They don’t know the big world around them, they cannot Google anything they want to know, they can’t watch videos in YouTubeand they don’t know what the internet is. We all are enjoying watching world cup now but whoare they enjoying with and who are they cheering for? We want to watch every match of theworld cup in big screens having snacks, enjoying with our siblings and friends but in the very same world there are people dying with hunger every day. I don’t know but they are still smiling, always. Is it that they are satisfied with what they have or is it that they know they won’t get that they are wishing for? Maybe they have set up their mind in such a way that they seek happiness in small things they get and try to enjoy. I am lucky!!! I get what I want. I have everything that I need. My parents fulfill all of my desires; they have been fulfilling all of my wishes. If we want something then we cry or start to fight for that till at last we win. Maybe those street children don’t have parents to fulfill their wishes. Maybe they don’t have someone they could win by crying or fighting. Though my wish isalways fulfilled and I am lucky but sometimes I do feel that I am still not satisfied but seeing those children I think how can they be satisfied and still happy having nothing. We are free!We have our rights! We can do whatever we want. We don’t have to sacrifices what is dear to us. We are lucky that we have our parents with us. But what about the people who are still in the verse of war. What about the families that have lost their freedom, their dear ones. They have become the part of war which they don’t desire for. They have sacrificed their freedom and happiness for something that they don’t know. They don’t know why they arefighting and for what they are fighting. Yes this world is biased. In my opinion this world was created with peace as a single earth but we people have divided it as per our need. In this same place some people are hungry, some peopleremain unsatisfied no matter how much they get. Some are fighting for the sake of fighting. Some are living like animals and other are ruling them. Though the world was created for all of us to live but still people are living with dead souls in them. In my opinion this world is for all of us andeveryone has equal rights in everything. We all should learn to be satisfied and share what we have got with others. This world is biased and so are we.