Tue, 30 May, 2023

Best Popular/Trending Technologies 2015

By Pratyush Nepal

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

Technology is very brisk and rapid. We never know what it may offer at any point. As for modern technology, 2015 was a great year. It proffered us several new techs and gadgets. Listed below are some of the best technologies of 2015.

Go Pro Hero 4 Black Edition

Go pro was an eye candy for everyone. It was one of the most innovative tech of 2015. Great at taking slow-motion videos and underwater video recording, it is a great piece of tech for adventure lovers. Coming at a price range of 399$, it provides you professional video recording in the palm of your hand.

The Hendo Hover Board

Who didn’t dream about riding a hover board after seeing the movie “Back to the Future”? The company hendo has made it possible by building the hendo hover board. It is the first product to show case the arx pax magnetic field architecture. It is really a useful gadget for the present context of Nepal as it doesn’t run on fuel.

Oculus Rift

Oculus rift is a headgear which provides us the experience of Virtual Reality. The user are provided a virtual environment in which they can interact with the surrounding accordingly. It is a great innovation which is helpful in the field of multimedia, gaming etc.

3D Printing

3d printing is a certainly a great innovation which can mound the future. It renders a digital design and create a 3d object by creating it layer by layer. It is also a great breakthrough in the medical field as the scientist are planning on 3d printing organs with the help of cell tissues.

Tesla Car

Tesla car use electrified motor dubbed in ac induction due to which it can be charged in the comfort of our home without paying for any gas money. With a speed of up to 0-60 mph in 5 seconds this beautiful piece of technology helps to keep the environment green and not spend a buck on fuel.

Bionic Eye

Bionic eye is really an awesome innovation in the field of technology and health. These lens help the visually impaired by providing them a virtual display which assists them in everyday life. A small electronic chip is kept behind the eye which provides electronic signal which provides the visually impaired people an augmented reality.

Unlimited Hand

It is a game controller which helps the user to feel the objects in the gaming world. Electric signals alter the muscles which helps the user to sense the object. The user can also take control of the object in the gaming environment and get a lifelike gaming experience.


Talos stands for tactical light operator suit .If you are a marvels comic fan this piece of tech is for you. It is a real life iron man suit and was designed by the Department of Defense, USA. It is really a breakthrough in the technology and defense field and can perform task practically impossible for humans.

Skully Helmet

It is the first augmented reality Helmet and is a must buy for all bike lovers. It has some awesome features like transparent heads up display, ultra wide rear view camera and others. It also comes with built in audio and GPS maps. Due to such technology used, it help to protect the rider and reduce the risk of accidents.

Thought controlled prosthetic

They are robotic limbs which are connected to the user brain which helps them to control the limb which brain signals. These are really helpful for people who are amputated because it helps them to do every day work easily. It is also a futuristic and a breakthrough technology and can assist several disabled people to perform tasks.

These are some of the most innovative techs of 2015. As the world of Information Technology is really rapid we never know what kind of futuristic technologies might be created in the future.