Wed, 04 Oct, 2023

The Best Kind of Homework Is Never Considered Homework

By Nikita Gautam

When it comes to homework or in our words, assignments, everyone starts getting frustrated. It is pretty natural right? Indeed it is. We always assume that homework creates a positive effect on children or students like us are largely fictitious. Now lets us glance upon the best kind of homework that we are assigned to do. Has anyone ever thought why is it categorized as the best kind? Well let me take you to the world of HOMEWORK adventure. When homework is lot more easily doable, we tend to think it as the best kind and this correlates to the teacher as well. But have we really pondered if these piles of best homework that we are assigned have any value? Is it really the fault of teachers that they do not necessarily design an effective homework for us, or is our negligence adding up points to let it grow? Some best kind of homework is a really pain in the brain because it loads. This makes kids like us crazy. But if we think from the other prospective, best kind of homework is something that a teacher assigns to each student with different topics that would encourage them in self-learning process.   But this kind of homework is neither considered an appropriate way to grade the students relative to each other as well as it would be a tedious job as well for the institution. So this kind of homework is considered as no homework at all. So the question arises what can we categorize as best homework?