Tue, 30 May, 2023

With The Best Club President 2015, Sunil Shrestha

By Sabin Pathak

Picture Courtesy: DOKO

In history of DWIT, for the first time “The Best Club President” was announced. During All Hands Meeting that was held on Thursday (10th December, 2015), Sunil Shrestha was awarded as “The Best Club President 2014-15”.

Sunil Shrestha is currently in his sixth semester in DWIT. He was the president of DeerExpress Club for the year 2014/15. The DeerExpress Club provides a platform where the students who are selected as participants can enhance and explore their hidden mass speaking abilities. Guest speakers are also called every Thursday for ECA.

We asked him some questions about his achievement, his experiences and many more things. Here is what we got from him:

Did you expect that you would be awarded with the Best President Award?

As it is the first time in DWIT that this category (The Best President) has been introduced, it was   totally unexpected. Unexpected not in a sense that I would get it but that such award will be awarded.

 What is the first thing that came into your mind after you heard your name as “The Best Club President at DWIT”?

The first thing that came into my mind was simply "Wow! Such things do happen in life".  I actually felt happy.

Who is the most behind that success? Is there anyone in your club to whom you would like to dedicate this award?

It is entirely our teamwork. It is pretty obvious that at times members bring up new ideas and we try to implement them in order to make every event as interesting as possible. I would rather prefer to say that we all are behind it.

What were the most challenging aspects at DeerExpress club based on your experience?

Well, to conduct the program itself was a challenge to us.  We tried to bring some changes in every session as far as possible and I guess some changes were noticeable.  We had to maintain silence during the session which is another challenge.  Moreover, coordinating with other clubs for video camera, sound system, and few others were also the challenging part.

Was there a time when you were upset from your club members?

Definitely, when things did not happen as per the schedule, I got upset.  Sometimes I got upset of myself for not being able to do what I was supposed to do.

 What message do you want to pass to the New President of DeerExpress Club?

I want the new President to focus on team development, management, and task division and also would like to suggest to record of each and every detail if possible. I want the new President to be stricter as it is a really difficult task to handle sessions.


It is heard that students from the sixth semester will be assigned as Mentor for various clubs. Are you interested in being Mentor? If Yes, of which club and why? If No, why?

Well, I am not interested to be a mentor but I am always available and ready to help in any possible ways.

Anything more to say.....

I would like to thank DWIT for choosing me as President of DeerExpress Club. I had a wonderful experience being part of the club. I feel good to be a part of DWIT.