Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Benchmark for DWIT NEWS to Celebrate: The Best Club of the Year

By Asmita Subedi

Picture Courtesy: Navaraj Kharel 

Yay! Cheers to all of us for being part of the wonderful News Club and being selected as the best club of the Year. Such Great Feeling! Wow! :D :D

We, the wonderful, joyous, hardworking, valiant, vibrant and every synonyms that signifies awesome, members of The DWIT NEWS Club were excited, thrilled and looking forward to 12th December 2015, the day for the great celebration of our commendable victory. And there we were, all of us together to create awesome and memorable memories with the wonderful bunch of people.

Our first destination was: ‘Garden of Dreams’ (the name itself was so fascinating, I wished we could get an entry to the real Garden of Dreams at just Rs. 100). 16 of us reached there at around 12 noon and started exploring the place. The environment there was lovely and lively (if you know what I mean :P). As soon as we reached there we started posing around at different spaces without caring about the obvious stares of other curious visitors. The best part was the swing; it was fun seeing the happy and scared faces of most of us. Boys were daring enough to rock very high as were some of the girls while some were terrified and just did a slow motion-to and fro. Soaring high in the sky and screaming loudly was totally fun. Wooo! :D

We posed around, gave our best shots, rocked the sky swinging high up in the air and literally did not leave even a single spot to click pictures. It was very kind of our photographer Mr. Navaraj Kharel that he didn’t get tired of shooting us as we lived the moment so perfectly that we all are very thankful to him for giving us such awesome snaps. The ones who were not there, you all missed the real fun.

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After we were done posing there, we headed towards Zaika Restaurant, Thamel to join rest of our members who showed up there directly.  When we reached there, the place was all set. Tables were joined together and all were seated around. The dim light, soothing music, unique bamboo curtains and marvelous paintings and arts all over perfectly complemented the place. When everyone arrived, we gave our orders and inaugurated our celebration by cutting the mouthwatering cake in which it was written “Together we’re Awesome” and yes, all of us together, we are super awesome. (No one should ever doubt either!) We fought for the cake, smeared it over the faces and struggled to eat it. In an instant, the cake vanished. Our Dear Cake, Rest in Peace Forever! :D

Then came our appetizing dishes; chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, bacon wrapped chicken, pork chops,  peanut sadheko, naan paneer tikka, pizza, meat lovers and much more. (If your mouth waters while reading all these, just to let you know, they were really delicious! :P) We non vegies were literally fighting over every dishes since the dishes were few and we were many. On the next side were the vegies, they had much to eat and Barsha was literally trying hard to finish all the remaining dishes. (Barsha don’t kill me for saying this but you really ate too much. :P)  After we were done eating, we started to rock the dance floor. We danced our hearts out, laughed aloud and shook our filled up tummies and let our foods to settle down.

 After we were tired of all the shakes and moves, we sat down to reenergize ourselves with some hot drinks and ice creams and played the Truth game. It was amusing to know the little secrets of each other, secret crushes, the ideal man and woman and much secrets of all of us. We had fun and the best part was that we all enjoyed the day and got to know more about each other. Finally, we all bid each other Good-Bye and returned to our homes with happy and smiling faces. And Yeah! It was a wonderful Day indeed!!!  :)  :)

It was the happiest day for every member of the NEWS Team and also it was the farewell for the old members. We all have shared several memories together that we shall cherish forever. Together our journey so far has been challenging and wonderful and we are thankful to all the helping hands that were involved in bringing us to this shape. Thanks to our dear Mentors, Menosh, Deborah, Shristi Mam and Hilary. The constant push from our ever inspiring and motivating Co-Editors in Chief, Ruby and Bimal Dai was commendable and yeah, we for sure deserved to be treated for our endless effort. And Yes! We were treated for what we deserved. :D

Finally, we are hopeful that the new team continues to keep up the benchmark that we all created together. We are sure the legacy will continue. Cheers to all the ex-members and Best Wishes to the new members of the NEWS team. :D :D