Sat, 20 Apr, 2024


By Aasha Poudel

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

It’s dangerous and difficult I shouldn’t go there I am afraid of being hurt, But I want to believe in myself Try hard, try hard To make it work, But I know it’s poisonous, Once had, Ran forever, But it didn’t help! I am strangled I am trapped I can’t move, But I want to move, I want to free myself from it I want courage to rise up and fight back, But I know it won’t work Until I believe in myself.
This poem is dedicated to the people of those parts of the world suffering from Terrorism. ‘I’ represents the people in those areas, be it Paris or Baghdad or Beirut or Lebanon or Syria or wherever in the world. The poem wants to indicate that they will have to rise up, fight back (in a right way, that is) and should BELIEVE in themselves; they should not give up on their identity and existence.