Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Being The First One to Start a Conversation

By Nischal Badal

Photo Courtesy: GraphicRiver
Who is most likely to start a conversation? A boy or a girl? One thing comes to my mind whenever I think of starting a conversation with anyone,  "Would I sound awkward?" Making the first impression is very important. Not sure if everyone thinks of it but I do. Yeah, I always try to be more impressive in conversations but talking to someone for the first time is such a herculean task. I, most of the times, am the first one to start a conversation, although I am not good at it. But, nowadays, social media has made it much easier to talk with people. Type a "Hello" and within seconds you will get a "Hey" reply. But it is not always so simple. You build up all the courage and manage to say "Hey" to someone but end up getting no reply. It makes me think if I am bad at starting conversations. Moreover, there are cases where we talk frequently to a person on social media sites but cannot find a single topic to talk in person. We face the complication of starting a conversation mostly in new environments like a new college or an institution or when talking to a stranger. Sometimes there are also situations where we eagerly want to talk to someone but cannot gather the courage to speak. On the other hand, friends are an exception. They are a beautiful aspect of life and conversations with them are effortless. These conversations shape the way we think and act, and they are the most memorable part of life. Some conversations are so interesting that it speaks to our soul and we keep on listening in awe. At such a young age, the art of starting a conversation is one skill that is very necessary. Whether to make new friends or talk to a crush, we need to start a conversation. A single "Hello" can be the beginning of a lifelong story. Likewise, responding to someone's effort is also equally important. Our replies might mean more to someone than we think. Just as in any other case, the art of starting a conversation is all about making an effort. Someone might be waiting for you to say "Hello." Go make an effort.