Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

"The Beauty of the World Makes Me Alive," Says Bimal Gaire

By Utkrista K.C.

Photo Courtesy: Bimal Gaire Bimal Gaire is a Computer Science student at DWIT and also an intern at DWS. Bimal is a highly enthusiastic person who likes to share love and happiness. He likes reading books and watching movies. He is passionate for philosophies of life. 1. What are the three words that describe you the best? Confident, athletic and loving. 2. Which birthday ended up being the best birthday you have ever had? It was my 19th birthday. Some of my friends gave me a surprise party. I had gone to PEA for my entrance preparation then some of my friends called me to a restaurant then when I reached there I felt like ‘wow!’. It was really special. I would call it as my best birthday. 3. Whom do you idolize? Family is always there to idolize. And I used to idolize one person, Ricky Pointing. He was the captain of Australian cricket team. I idolized him because I am fond of cricket. He was one of the best batsmen in the world. His aggression and passion towards cricket was commendable. So, I used to idolize him. 4. What are your hobbies? I am fond of watching movies. But right now because of my hectic schedule I have not been able to watch movies. And I don’t want to miss playing cricket and hanging out with friends when it comes to hobbies. 5. What is your favorite movie and why? The first one is The Shawshank Redemption because it shows the life of a man and his friendship with another man whom he met after going to prison. The movie being based on real story touched my heart. The second one is 12 Angry Men because the whole plot of the movie is set on one closed room and it also shows how a single man can change the world. 6. If you had three wishes, what would they be? (Wow…really tough one… he he)I always wanted to be a national cricket player so I would say that. Next one is happiness all over the world, a kind of cliché but actually I want that. And the last one is to be with the people I love. 7. What makes you feel the most alive? The beauty of the world makes me alive. I believe in humanity and I always want to share love with other people and that makes me feel most alive. 8. Where do you see yourself after 10 years? I don’t have any plans as such, but I don’t want to say 10 years in future I want to get a good job, earn enough money. And apart from being a cricketer I want to become a good chef. So, after earning enough money, I want to go to countryside or suburbs probably Dowling in Scotland and I would open a bakery café and live happily with my wife. 9. What is freedom to you? Actually it is a vague term but what I would say it is being able to express yourself anywhere you are is freedom. 10. If you could have any superhero power, what would it be? I want to travel places just within a second just by a finger snap. 11. What inspired you to keep your hair  long and beard? Actually, what happens is, for most of the boys they don’t get to grow long hair at school and high school. So, when they get into colleges they start keeping long hair and that happened to me as well. I never had long hair before, when I started growing it turned into the shape of noodles and I really liked that, then I became used to it. I last had my haircut two and half years back. 12. Why did you choose DWIT to pursue your career? I wanted to go abroad for my higher studies but one of my friends told me about DWIT. I got fascinated listening to him then I came here and talked to Surendra Adhikari, the Campus Chief. He had some brilliant ideas about the running the college. I really liked it and I got here. 13. Do you have any plans of going abroad after further studies? I always wanted to go to Stanford so I will prepare for my GRE exams and apply after Bachelors there. 14. What is your biggest fear? I fear about my friends in a sense that how they will take me as a friend. When I am angry I may speak some harsh words so I fear in being detached from them. 15. Have you ever been in love? Yeah! I am still in love. 16. How do you define success? I define it in being able to stand on your own and impacting people’s life in some way or other. 17. How do you manage your time? Life has been hectic nowadays. But in a way, it is good to be busy. 18. Which is the moment you felt that you overcame something difficult? When I was in fourth semester, we had Java servlet class. During that period, I didn’t pay much attention. Then after 3 months later, there was intern for java and I had to learn anyhow and at any cost. So, I completed the project. 19. Did you have any plans of studying IT from the beginning? I had no plans as such. I wanted to do civil engineering. When I appeared for the Pulchowk examination, I could not manage the time so I had to leave all the questions of Physics, still I got 68.And then everything was shattered. Later on with my friend I went to different colleges for visits. Then one of my friends told me about Finland that they have very good study plan and scholarship programs. Then, I with my friend went to Finnish embassy, Bishalnagar. I was really fascinated at first but later on I was rejected. Then, after that I joined DWIT. On that day, I learnt a very good lesson that a watch is very important. For looking time, I used to use my mobile phone. During our exam we were not allowed to use mobile phones and that was the reason for me not getting to manage time. So, at that time I realized the value of time and value of a watch as well. 20. What is the best part of DWIT? The encouragement Hitesh Karki, the Chief Academic Officer, gives us, the environment that we have got and we can constantly be in touch with the company downstairs. And in a way, freedom and infrastructures can be included as the best part. 21. When did you get your first salary? After completing my +2, I was sitting idle. Then my brother’s friend contacted me and said, "There is a boy and he is struggling with math." I taught him for almost three months. Then, I got my first salary. And the tragic part is that he was stubborn type of guy. He was thrown out of hostel. Apart from teaching the books, I also taught him about life and experiences so that he could come into right track. And after that, I was not so much in touch with him. One day, at the end of third semester, I found his friends posting on his facebook wall “R.I.P Sujan”. He loved adventures and being wild. Then, I found he was no more. That was the most tragic part. 22. Are you happy with the subject and college you have chosen? So far, yes. 23. In which field do you want to pursue your career after Bachelor’s degree? I would go first with computer science and then I want to switch into human psychology as I am quite interested in that field as well. 24. Do you have any moments to share when your parents were proud of you or you found them the happiest because of you? After completing SLC, when the results were out I secured 85% and they were really happy. 25. When was the last time you cried? I am really great fan of Australian cricket team as well as Australia. Phillip Hughes, one of my favorite cricket player, he died when he got injured in domestic cricket match. Then after, the captain of Australian cricket team, Michael Clarke, gave a speech. The way he talked and shared his experience, he broke out at the very moment. Then, I could not control myself and I literally cried. 26. Do you have any philosophies for life? Experience everything but don’t get used to it or addicted if they are no good for you.