Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

When Beauty Sleeps

By Navaraj Kharel

Fine, you are stunning. What makes you think so? Your pretty face, beautiful eyes, or perhaps long legs. Right? Ah a dapper man or a classy woman. We all love to jolt and talk about them. Right? Is beauty all about facial things or a body-symmetry? What do you think?  Yes, we indeed are designed to look at the packaging, first. Having a beautiful person walk by our side makes feel good on the brain. And any functional reaction that’s vivid becomes easily available to the brain gets stuck in our mind. That is all about how we are programmed. Let me come to the point. Shall I? Our mind lies in the juxtaposition of our head and Agna centers and is connected to the throat from where throat connects it to rest centers in our body. Agna here refers to the third-eye according to Hindu mythology. The key idea that lies here is that our mind is not connected to any power centers in our body- the Heart, the Sacral, the Solar Plexus and the Root. Our mind is just a computing tool without the power of decision-making. Our mind is a great mapmaker- it makes decision in an interesting way, collects data from what has happened in the past and after analyzing the data projects a prediction about what should happen in future. Our mind ignores present. The bitter truth lies here. We all know this but about maximum people in the world use mind for decision-making process. This is the product of conditioning: by our society, by our religion, by our school. Unfortunately this flaw in decision-making or judgment leads to disaster in life. Our mind, which is driving our life as we are conditioned, leads to improper decision-making if it does not understand the need of our life. Our mind literally does not care anything. It will run our body and life until it is diseased or gets broken down to the point of death. So, we need to re-program our mind and that is what we call as transforming our mind or mind conditioning. We all got to wake up the sleeping beauty in us. How can we do that? It is not that easy but possible. It takes several years of practise and persistence of doing things. Using our mind to take decision is like denying our inner authority. Every single cell in our body has innate intelligence. When the inner authority is honored in the decision making process, the life meets less resistance, less failure, less anger, less frustration, less bitterness, less disappointment. Just like in any programming, our mind also uses the feedback loop for every negative emotion that comes and goes in us and turns that chemistry into suffering from hope to pain. When one learns to use the inner authority and drive the mind to observe the feelings – without judgment, without attaching a story, the mind does not turn chemistry into suffering. Life becomes more beautiful. The first and foremost thing that we need to do is find the hidden thing. Our thoughts are hidden somewhere where we cannot locate or find. We can only trace the pattern of the thoughts. After we trace the kingdom of our thoughts, we can start by examining the inner voice we hear in our head, as well as the outer voice coming out of our mouths, and just observe them. We can make the pattern. As we do this we find a state of awareness in us where our thought becomes blended with aliveness. We feel more alive as each day passes by. Our mind is frequently broadcasting thoughts, positive thoughts, and negative thoughts. Order your mind to stop thinking may be for some moment but what it does? It goes against your will. Look the mind is not even yours. It goes against your will. Try to understand the situation and train your mind meditate to actually make your mind yours. Do not be the slave of your own mind. How is there a payoff by becoming angry?  How does theses negative emotions gives us benefit? You get a temporary juicy payoff of satisfaction to your ego and pride from these emotions and it will push you further to get more. But your ego wants more than a juicy payoff and pushes these emotions into a feedback loop. With each mixture of these into the loop, you get addicted and it becomes hard to go free. When you surrender this temporary pleasure and make a practice of continually surrendering these negative emotions, a peaceful state impulsively spurts. Peace is literally a choice. Choosing Peace instead of the juice of the ego, our emotional addiction on negativity extenuates. When buttoned up punctually, this Peace is poised and becomes our natural state, undisturbed by the passing tantalization of negativity. Well, when a baby elephant is initially taken into captivity and is tied with a strong chain to a strong tree. It makes several attempts to run but fails and finds trying worthless and decides to live as a slave. Eventually, It turns into a huge elephant and when tied with a normal rope, the elephant could with one pull walk away free, destroy everything, kill the master or create havoc but it doesn't. This is because of the conditioning it went through. The giant elephant forgets his true monstrous power. Same is the case with all of us. We do not realize our inner potential and end up living a bizarre life. Always remember, mind cobbles thoughts, ideas and patterns from the input we deliver to it by using our eyes and ears. The better the input quality the better will be the output. And, we as culling organisms can choose to do a new conditioning of our mindset, can choose to be a winner in the game of life, and can choose intelligence over ignorance. Wake up! Deprogram your mind. Uncover your true potential.