Sun, 26 May, 2024

Beauty Of Ghost

By Arjun Dahal

The midnight bell has tolled A welcome to the nightmare to begun Someone invisible preparing for the holocaust Feeding on the screams of victims Creeping silently into the homes. Garland of skulls worn around his neck Flames burning deep inside from eyes The only option to escape him is to die A carnivore who mauls your flesh into pieces Monarch to the kingdom of hell With the absurd beauty of ghost. The shining axe in his hand grasped inside the bones Within a blink of a eye He reaps your neck and you'll die There will be no pain, only your blood will burst The night's been made only for the ghost The dark hood in his head, twinkles at night And the scythe you won't miss in sight Your braveness will burn into ashes Your sweat will shower you. The evil comes closer to assassinate you Your fate lies in his hand Give your damned soul and rest in peace The ghost of fear will take you to hell The butcher shall free you from your pain Praise the beauty of ghost Your ruined life shall find peace at last Give yourself to the beauty of ghost.   Arjun Dahal is a student currently studying in Tri Chandra Campus (Bsc. in Physics and Mathematics)