Fri, 24 May, 2024

The Beautiful Scar: Chapter Two 'The Vow'

By Dipesh Poudel

After the date with Basanta, Subarna could not pull herself from thinking about it. She thought about the fun that she had, the look that those children had in their eyes when she played with them and the way her date treated her with respect. She was denying it to herself but she was definitely falling for the guy with the beautiful scar and intense eyes.

Next day Subarna was looking like an angel from heaven that had landed on earth. When her friend asked her why she was acting a bit strange, she lied saying it was nothing. In reality she did not know why but she wanted Basanta to look at her with those intense eyes and never stop.

During the lunch break Subarna was with her friend in the cafeteria. The girls talked about how ugly other girls were and how those girls were inferior to them. “Have I always talked about those useless things to act cool?”, Subarna thought realizing how stupid she had been. Pretending to pay attention to the conversation at her table, Subarna kept stealing glances towards Basanta but he never looked at her even once. She hid her frown, frustrated that Basanta hadn't even noticed her. She had gone out of her way to find the sexiest dress she could when she was at the mall, then she spent over an hour on her hair this morning. She had done it for Basanta, hoping he'd look at her the way he often did and make her feel special. But Basanta was ignoring her like she didn't even exist.

After school Subarna was at the parking lot of the school furiously waiting for Basanta. As soon as she saw Basanta, she stormed towards him and started yelling. “Mr. Basanta, who the hell you think you are? I tried so hard to look nice just for you and you just ignore me like I do not even exist”. He looked at her with those intense eyes of his and said, “Well, I am a monster and monsters do not deserve someone that tries hard to look good for them” and went his way. Subarna just stood there being furious. “If you are a monster then I will be a bigger monster and make you kneel down in front of me and ask me to be the love of your life”, she vowed to herself.