Fri, 24 May, 2024

The Beautiful Scar: Chapter three 'The Reason'

By Dipesh Poudel


Subarna was very excited. Her cousin was coming over for the weekend. Subarna looked up to her cousin Smeeta. Smeeta and Subarna were like sisters. They shared everything with each other. When Smeeta arrived  they went to Subarna’s room and started sharing what they were up to.

Subarna was showing Smeeta photos from the picnic that she had gone to from her high school. Subarna told Smeeta that she had a really good time. Indeed she had a wonderful time. There was a big nice statue of Buddha half an hour walk from their picnic spot. She asked for her friends to come with her but her friends were not interested. She saw Basanta sitting alone staring at the hills a little far from the picnic spot. She asked him to go with her and he said he did not want to but she insisted and he agreed. On the way Basanta told Subarna many things about the forest, trees and the hill. He knew a lot about the trees in the forest. He could tell the names of almost all the trees in the forest. He could tell which part of which tree can be a useful medicine or a deadly poison.  It seemed as if he was a son of hills and forests.

Suddenly Smeeta shouted and ran out of room. This brought Subarna back to the present. She looked at her laptop screen and there was picture of Basanta. She then ran after Smeeta. She was out at balcony crying. Subarna looked at Smeeta. She was terrified. Subarna had never seen anyone this terrified before. Subarna asked Smeeta what was the matter. Smeeta in her terrified voice said “He killed my father. He killed my father right in front of my eyes”. “Who killed your father?” asked Subarna confused about what she was telling. “The guy in the picture.” Smeeta replied sobbing.  Subarna slapped herself twice thinking it was a bad dream, but it was not. The guy she fell in love with turned out to be a killer.

Smeeta’s father was a respected rich man in the village. He was killed 5 years ago. It was said that he was killed by the revolutionaries during the civil war. The villagers said that the guy who killed Smeeta’s father was a 14 year old boy.

Subarna could not imagine how such a nice and kind guy was a merciless killer. She believed in Smeeta but could not accept that Basanta killed Smeeta’s father. She thought that even if he did kill Smeeta’s father, there must be some explanation...