Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

College Orientation for The Batch of 2018

By Bimal Gaire

On 10th of October 2014, orientation program was conducted on the ‘Nupse’ hall of DWIT. The main aim of this program was to introduce the students of new batch with the rules and regulations and familiarize them with the environment of the college. Once the normal classes start from Monday, this will be the first time in the history of DWIT that all the four batches will be studying under the same roof. An achievement, indeed! The program officially started at 9:50 A.M with the national anthem followed by the introductory note from the Chief Academic Officer at DWIT, Hitesh Karki. He welcomed the students to the college and gave a brief introduction. Then, it was the turn of the new students to talk about themselves. Their profile was randomly displayed on the screen and each student had to briefly speak for a couple of minutes. Most of the students seemed nervous and they could not speak for more than 30 seconds. Then, the members of the faculty introduced themselves along with a short description of the subjects they will be teaching. After finishing the introductory part, the program got a boost in pace. Campus Chief, Surendra Nath Adhikari, started with some welcoming words and talked about the rules and regulations of the college. His primary focus was discipline and punctuality. The next speaker was Pramod Kumar Rai, Senior Director of Operations at Deerwalk Services, and his main focus was to introduce Deerwalk Services to the students. He briefly described about the kinds of work they do in Deerwalk and the technologies they use. He also gave some tips to the students and advised them to become the best in whatever they do. Bhuwan Shrestha, said: “I want to see the apps developed by the students in the app store”. He humorously continued, “I don’t know whether the constitution of Nepal will be written or not but you have to build applications for iOS or Android!” Sunil Shrestha, Pratibh Acharya, Ruby Shrestha, Shankar Koirala and Shankar Khatri shared their experiences at DWIT. They talked about the good times as well as the bad times they have encountered in the college. They gave some tips to their juniors for their easy stay in the college. Students were divided into seven groups of six along with a mentor, a senior student. After taking lunch at around 1 P.M, students were taken for the college tour by their respective mentors. The college tour ended at the Nupse hall where the students were again assembled for the final session of the program. Before starting the final session, a short break was taken for refreshment and snacks. After a few words from Alok Koirala, the Research and Development Director at DWIT, and Hitesh Karki, Amrit Silwal, took over the podium and notified the students about fees and rules regarding the account section. Narayan Karki, the librarian, discussed  the rules and regulations of the library. Bijay Shrestha, explained rules regarding academics, leaves, assignments, feedback forms, school sites, etc. At last, Hitesh Karki talked about “What are you here for? What to look forward to in four years?” And the program officially concluded at around 5:00 P.M. The program was assisted by ten volunteers from the senior batches.