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Back to 2014: What Did We Do?

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Photo Courtesy: DWIT Administration Collage By: DWIT News The year 2014 is over, but no worries, the memories and the entire events that took place, which made the year special in different ways, are still fresh in mind.  Someone wise rightly said, “Reminiscences are the output of the past which are the means for us to live in present.” The experiences that we accomplish in past help us live the present in more significant way. Let’s see what we did and learned in 2014. This will certainly bring a smile on our face and will give us the strength to do more. January: Month to Meet the Specialist 9th January: Talk Program by Sushil Pandey, ICT specialist at ICIMOD Mr. Sushil Pandey, who is the information and communication specialist and leads the information technology team in ICIMOD, visited DWIT. Mr. Pandey talked about the importance of IT in the organization like ICIMOD and gave brief idea on how IT has been used in his organization. He encouraged the students to work harder, so that they might get opportunities to work in different organizations. February: Month for Parents’ College Visit 7th February: Parents Meeting The Parents Meeting is one of the annual meetings held at DWIT. In this event, parents are briefed about the various activities that have been taken by the college. On 7th February, the program was directed by Chairman of the college, Campus Chief and Academic director. March: A Month of Honor for DWIT 12th March: Final year students get to know about Big Data from Jeff Rick Jeff Rick, CTO of Deerwalk, gave presentation on the topic “Big Data Technology”. This program was held in presence of the students of the final year of B.Sc.CSIT from DWIT and other colleges. Jeff covered everything in his presentation from the history of technology to the present scenario where the Global Companies like Google, Facebook are using the big data technology. In overall, he discussed about the importance of Big Data at present in Technology. 6th March: Wow! Former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattari visits Deerwalk Former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattari visited the Deerwalk premises. Bhattarai delivered his thought on IT sector, youth and the Nepali Economy  and also requested students to work for the country and help for the development . April: Month of Achievement for Book Club 7th April: Book Club invites Rabi Thapa, the author of “Nothing to Declare” The author of the book “Nothing to Declare”, Rabi Thapa, was invited by the Book Club at DWIT on 7th April 2014, where he discussed about his journey, about how he proceeded and completed his book . “Nothing To Declare”, Thapa’s book, was read by the Book Club who organized this event to meet the author and discuss about the contents of the book. May: Month Dedicated to the Writers 9th May: Pratik Pradhan, editor-in-chief at Nagarik, meets DWIT students Pratik Pradhan, editor-in- chief of “Nagarik National Daily” was present at DWIT to interact with the senior members of the Deerwalk Services and the students from the DWIT News. He highlighted the fact that Media is nothing but a reflection of the society and a way to change the society. June: Month That Made Us Aware About Scope of IT in Traffic Sector 26th June: Metropolitan Police Officer SP Basanta Pant at DWIT Valley Metropolitan Police Officer SP, Mr. Basanta Pant, was invited by DWIT. He gave presentation that included the fact about present traffic situation in Kathmandu, the rules and regulation that we need to follow for being a good citizen to prevent accidents.  He said that he is expecting a lot from IT students and want us to build software that help to shrink the traffic problems. July: A Perfect Tech Month 27th July: DWIT organizes IT4D Conference With the primary themes of e-health and e-education, the second international conference on Information Technology for Development (IT4D), organized by Deerwalk Institute of Technology, was successfully held on 27th July 2014. The conference was attended by a number of academicians, researchers, practitioners and development workers, associated with health and medicine, who shared their knowledge about how IT has been and can be beneficial in their disciplines of work. The conference made the audience realize that the promotion of good quality of health and education in this technically developing age is possible only through the blend of technology in them. August: Wow!! The Real Fun was Experienced, The Happiest One Indeed! :) 24thAugust: Deerfest, the moment to remember. History! DWIT organized Deerfest 2014, the first cultural festival of the college.  In short duration of time, students’ arrangements made it happen and the credit goes to Menosh Zappl, English faculty member at DWIT. Different cultural and musical performances, Mo:Mo party and the games enthralled the attendees of the event. Deerfest, enjoyed by every student to the fullest, created history. September:  A Month of Achievements ;) 13th September: The News Team celebrated wonderful benchmark for the 25th Edition of DWIT NEWS The joyous, hard-working and dedicated members of the DWIT News Team were given a treat from the college for the completion of 25th edition of the first College News Site of the nation. The members celebrated the success of their hard work by eating, dancing and playing games the whole day at Le Trio. 19th September: DeerTalk:  DWIT vs. DWS The winners of different seasons of DeerTalk, a club activity at Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT), faced competition against the champions of Deerwalk Services (DWS). Barsha Dahal, the student of DWIT, won the title of ‘Champion of the Champions’ by winning a trophy and certificate. 20th  September: DEERTHON:  Deerthon contest held The software club of DWIT successfully organized Deerthon . In the event, seven different participating teams coded and designed a prototype of the application based on the theme E-HEALTH sitting continuously for nine hours in one of the DWIT halls. October: Month for Welcoming Freshmen 10th October: Orientation for Freshers The freshers of the sophomore year were oriented by the Chief Academic officer, Campus Chief and other faculty members. The event was conducted to introduce new students with the college rules and regulations, and familiarize them with the environment of the college.  The class representatives of the former batches briefed their positive as well as negative experiences so far. The event was helpful for the students to know and understand about each other and the college. 20th October: College photo session held. Happy faces posing around The whole DWIT family gathered at the college ground for group photo. Also the group photograph of all the batches were shot by a professional photographer. It was exciting to pose around and give formal looks. :P 22nd  October: Tihar celebrations at DWIT DWIT students celebrated and enjoyed the festive season of Tihar at the college. The students sang a number of songs and danced as well on Deusi songs. Students were taken by surprise when college offered Sel roti and tarkari to the students. Students danced their feet off until late in the evening and enjoyed the Tihar eve. The event was much fun and memorable. November: Fun and Studies Going Along Together :) 2nd November: The most awaited event - Changa Chet Students gathered together at Dhulikhel Danda for the most awaited Changa Chet event. The students relished themselves flying kites and as well playing cards, dancing some random kicks and bows, playing guitars and singing wonderfully. Three legged race, hit the pot, tug- of- war were the different games played and the students were overjoyed. It was indeed one of the wonderful and memorable events.  17th November: Jeff Gasser, CTO at Deerwalk Inc, talked to DWIT Students The successful entrepreneur and the CTO of Deerwalk Inc., Jeff Gasser, talked to DWIT students about his high school experiences, entrepreneurship, success and importance of friendship. His final inspiring words were “The harder you work, the luckier you get!!” He is truly a man of inspiration. 21st November: Participants of the DEERTHON showcased their prototypes The seven participating teams of DEERTHON showcased the prototype of their applications and administered their idea in front of other students and Dr. Rudra Pandey. The selected three teams will proceed to the next round and one of those teams will be declared a winner and budget for the further development of the application. December: Hmm.. Quite a Spotlight!! 20th December: The power workshops held The Power Workshop started on 20th December 2014 and ended on 10th January 2015. This workshop included six different courses, namely: Programming in Java, Photoshop & Introduction to Animation, IT & Networking, Working with Databases / MSSQL, QA (Quality Assurance) & QC (Quality Control) and Android Programming. It was the first DWIT Workshop in which students from other colleges such as Patan Campus and Ascol Campus were invited to participate. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reporters Involved: Ashmita Kunwar and Asmita Subedi