Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Assassinated Dream

By Arjun Dahal

Why does your memory heal my pain? Why does your image make my eyes rain? Why does your name alert me even in my sleep? An assassinated dream of being with you forever All I wish for you was love and care Still why does my cell awaits for the call of your name? Why do your eyes haunt me every-time? Why does your face effect my heart's rhyme? Why does my voice shutters when I speak your name? Why does my mind becomes crazy when I think of you every-time? Love, all I wanted to get from you Now, an assassinated dream, with which, I still fight Still why does your photograph lie with me at midnight? Why does your dream change the course of my day? Why does my heart say, It still belongs to you? Why does your voice awake me anywhere I lay? Why do your messages make my eyes dim? Be happy, anywhere you have been My assassinated dream A dream to be with you Still why does my heart fights with my assassinated dream? Arjun Dahal is current doing his bachelors in┬áTri-Chandra Campus Ghantaghar, Bsc. Physic and Mathematics