Sun, 26 May, 2024

Artistas Inauguration and First Wall paint session

By Iris Raj Pokharel

Picture Courtesy: Artistas

Artistas, the newest club in the house has completed their first wall paint session. The art was basically a memory tree where different good moments captured in the photograph will get dangled over the branches of the tree.  The session lasted for two days, in day one, sketching and framing of the tree were done, followed by the painting on the second day.  There were many interested volunteers who helped the club to get the job done. According to the directors, “everything in the world is an art and many people don’t get the real essence of it. So in order to promote and teach the students of DWIT the true meaning of art, Artistas was established. Artistas is a unique club with a homely environment and a widespread scope.”The members, as well as the volunteers, truly enjoyed the artistic essence of the whole session. Laughter was shared and smiles were seen on the faces of everyone indulged in the site and with such a great start, multiple forms of significant artistry are expected from The Artistas.


Giving a Brief introduction to the club, the club consists of six members with Shreha Regmi and Sneha Parajuli as Creative Directors and Ronit Pradhan, Ashish Khanal, Anushka Maharjan and Iris Pokharel as the members. The members of the club are ultimately thriving towards filling the college with the colors of The Artistas.