Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Art And Life

By Raju Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: The creative human activity which creates ideas, feelings and emotions is simply a part of art. Art creates the new and special things that develops from one’s life. Art improves the existence of life. It enhances and creates social unity and awareness. Art can express and reflect the social, religious, political, cultural and traditional aspects of life. Art is the means of communication and it helps to express our feelings. It can inspire, inform and aware the people providing better knowledge. It touches the every part of our life. It helps to improve the ability to learn new things. Art includes music, drama, and dance; story-telling, poem novels etc. It is closely related to important ideas, feelings and emotion. Those people who have the knowledge of art have known more information than those who don’t. Knowledge of art not only improves the existence of life; it helps to broaden and uplift their perspective and living standards. Art helps us to express our feelings. It teaches us how to be disciplined, creative and expressive. So art is very much essential to all the people in their life. It makes our life joyful. There is a great importance of art in human life which is similar to that of music. Just like art; film, music and drama also make our life extremely joyful and give us pleasure. Music is a sensation which provides us energy to do any work; relief from tension and fatigue. In a similar way, art also helps us to inspire, encourage and provides us positive feelings in our daily life. Art is not only limited to museum and theaters. All types of art can change the feeling and thought of any person. So it has its own importance in its place. The art is a human-made object, designed to provide good information, message, and knowledge and to change the lifestyle of every human. It makes people aware, inspired, and to be creative. So art is related in every step of life and ensures to improve the standard of living.