Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Are We Feeling Secure With Today's Sophisticated Technology?

By Anish Khadka

The perception towards the world has changed for many people in terms of technology. The world has taken a huge step towards development through the succession of advancement in technology. No doubt, modern technology has resulted in luxurious and comfortable life but at the same time, technology has increased the risk towards our life. The modern armaments and weapons are the result of good technology. The first gun, made by Samuel Colt, now with all the modifications can shoot anyone to death at once. We all know these weapons were initially made for protection and defence but how can we trust these weapons when every morning we see news channels broadcasting the news of gun attacks and bombing. Along with this, the other major advancement is in information technology. However, the USA is dominant in this market and most countries rely upon the USA. All the records and evidence of each individual on the internet is saved on servers and the USA owns 10 out of 12 servers in the whole world. At anytime the country can reveal all the transaction and planning of an individual or any organisation. Moreover, in today's world, ethical hacking is only a paper deal. There are many unethical hackers who are successful in accessing many corporations and financial institutions with their hacking skill. This one is becoming more dangerous nowadays. Moreover, the trend of hijacking planes, bombing jets, and destroying places has a great threat to people which make them feel more insecure. Furthermore, the advanced weapons used by the terrorists is resulting in the death of many innocent people. The suicide bomb attack in Paris and Brussels has killed more than 300 people. How can we feel secure then? Also, the achievement of North Korea in a successful test of hydrogen bomb has risen threat to the whole world. Even the most powerful countries such as US and China are panicking with this issue as it poses a great threat. The tremendous increment in cyber crimes within recent years is also a dreadful threat to the whole world. It does not mean that the technological advancement is a curse to the Homo Sapiens. Actually, it is for the betterment of the people and the globe. However, it has also risen challenges in our daily life. What we hear and witness every day does not guarantee our security. Hence, with all those reasons, we are in the trap of sophisticated technology and this is today’s irony.

About Author: Anish Khadka is studying A-Levels in Xaviers International College.