Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Anomalies of Education

By Rojal Sigdel

Education is indeed, one of the most valuable assets, a person can have. Our veins give high emphasis on the field of education. We have been taught, it is the only thing that enlightens life. From our very dawn, we are handed to our teachers and gurus to have a better education. We go to school, always waiting for the days of schooling to end up. We complete schooling, complete university education and finally discover that the world is a bigger school, where we have to learn till our dusk. This is the conclusion we have, from the centuries ago. Well, the purpose and aim of being educated may differ individually but in general, we have a dream of living a good and satisfactory life. We think of great riches and living a prestigious life. We have different subjects to lead our fate and hope for a better job. After obtaining certain degrees, we settle our lives. Then, our professional life begins. After being engaged in a certain profession we dream of better life. It may not be worse to say but the first thing we do is earn, the investment we have put on education and then, your personality, and profession determines the cover of your education as well as your wisdom. Professions such as Bankers, Auditors, Doctors, and Engineers are well respected throughout the world and their hails is echoed beyond the velocity of light. The rest others are not so much prioritized, however, have a crucial place in the society. Then, when it comes to the profession which enlightens people and paves their way to destiny such as writers, authors, teachers, and professors, they are always underrated and neglected. Yes, they are offended by their nicknames. Our society views the person engaged in a good profession as highly wise and intellectual beings. For example, a graduate student in physics fights with his best at the public service commission exams, to get a government job. It is a matter of prestige to have a government job. If he succeeds, in the exam, he is appointed as the officer and it doesn't matter to which department he is appointed. Finally, the student is placed in the offices such as revenue officer or other such offices where there is no use of his knowledge. What's the value of his degrees and knowledge, when he has no idea about that field? Where's the transparency in education, he achieved? A professor at a university has already spent decades educating the freshers. His intense researchers have been published in prestigious journals and still spends his most of his time in research. But, still, he is considered as a phony and insane because he appears among the public once in a blue moon. He doesn't prefer irrational talks and is always found to be lost in thinking. Despite the knowledge and the wisdom he achieved, he is considered (almost) as last graded person by the society. When it comes to the personality, he is not found well attractive and charming. He doesn't always appear in suits and shining shoes. His hair and beard almost resemble that of a beggar and most commonly, his new ideas are always taken subversive. He goes to his university on a bicycle and is always troubled by an economic crisis. His post is equivalent to that of a secretary of any of department of state but is always in economic crisis. When it comes to the other side, the naive graduate move in their stylish cars, have charming and attractive personality and even if he tells about fairy tales and his dreams, he is taken as one of the wisest persons of the society. No one ever attempts to uncover the works of him because his certificates are colorful. Even if he hasn't published a single work by his own, he is hailed and saluted by everyone in the society. It obviously vexes a professor, when his disciples, despite the knowledge he provided are lured by the symphony of riches and personality framed by our educated society, forsakes the morals and principles taught by him. The literate disciples make fun of those same writers and professors works, resulted in their immense research and time, have paved their colorful life. They even forget that those same works were the milestone of their cheerful life. In generalization, most of the settled disciples, even fear of touching books and journals published for the further progress of the society. Our system of education, teaches us to solve the problems entitled 'Fill in the blanks', but fails to fill the blankness of the learners, that they should continue to fill the anomalies of the previous works by old authors and give a relativistic approach of their own knowledge with accordance to the passage of time. Our education hasn't taught us to learn till the end of our life and let young learners learn and create a positive impact on the society. Our education has failed to teach the disciples that people should be judged by the knowledge they have, the works they have done not by their living standards and high designations. A disciple can never understand the value of education till he knows the preciousness of his books and professors.

About Author:
Rojal Sigdel is undergrad student of Management at Shanke Dev Campus, Tribhuvan University.