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Amy Greene and Scott Macewen Talk with DWIT Students

By Dipesh Poudel

Photo: Scott Macewen sharing his experience                 Photo Courtesy: Anushka Maharjan On March 6, 2015 Amy Greene and Scott MacEwen shared their experiences with the DWIT students. In the program they talked about their life experiences and things that helped them succeed in their respective careers. They shared some important life lessons with the students. Amy Greene has worked in technology and health care in the U.S. for most of her 25 year career. Currently she serves as a Communications Consultant and Strategist for Humana, a large health insurance and well-being company. She received a Marketing degree from Virginia Tech and is currently working on her Masters in Communication from Queens University. Scott MacEwen is currently the Senior Vice President of Sales for Deerwalk Inc. helping to advance their analytics and population health technology platforms. He has worked in healthcare for over 30 years with a focus in population health management, analytics and sales. He was previously the President and CEO of a third party administrator and has consulted with various components of the healthcare industry throughout his career. Amy Greene talked about three primary lessons that she had learned over the years which helped her through her career. The first lesson she shared with DWIT students was to keep our ears open. She said that, business is not about telling people what you have or what your product is, rather it is about listening to people’s problem and trying to solve them with your product. [caption id="attachment_5162" align="aligncenter" width="439"] Photo: Amy Greene sharing the three important lessons for life
Photo Courtesy: Anushka Maharjan[/caption] The second lesson was about keeping our eyes open. She said that we always need to keep our eyes open so that we do not miss any opportunity that passes by. She said that keeping our eyes open and asking ‘What If?’ can change our life forever. Third lesson was about opening our hearts to find our passion. She said, “When you find your passion it just happens.” Scott MacEwen started by saying, “Rule number one, always surround yourself with amazing people.” He also shared three important life lessons with the DWIT students. He shared how important RAP (Relationship, Attitude and Perspective) is in life. He shared some of the stories of his life and told the students how keeping a positive attitude, being in touch with people helped him reach where he is today. He said, “Always look for alternatives when you are in trouble, this will help you get out of adversity.” At the end of the program Amy Greene and Scott MacEwen answered questions from students.