Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

All Hands Meeting 2018

By Aabishkar Pandey

Photo Courtesy: DWIT college
All Hands Meeting 2018 was held on 9th March, Friday at the Sagarmatha Hall. The students and the other DWIT members were notified about what the college had achieved in the previous year, what it aims to achieve in the following year, and the upcoming events as well. Updates of various departments were presented and also feedbacks to improve the college were also taken. The event was scheduled for 2:30 PM. The event started off with the insights given by Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, Academic Coordinator of DWIT. He gave the updates about all the ECA and the rules that are enforced within the college. Ritu Raj Lamsal, Head of the Electronics Department, continued with the updates in the academic section of the college including the various credit courses that DWIT offers to its students. Surendra Adhikari, Campus Chief,  discussed the milestone that Deerwalk has reached since its opening back in 2010 AD. He informed about the plans to build a school building in the Deerwalk parking area and announced the start of a new chapter for Deerwalk in Japan.  Finally, Hitesh Karki, Chief Academic Officer of DWIT concluded the meeting by giving updates of the preparation of Job Fair 2018, formation of new club Spotlight and praising some of the past as well as present students of DWIT such as Anil Shrestha(Class of 2015) , Sumit Shrestha (Class of 2016) and Akankshya Upadhyay (Class of 2018) about their achievements. He also briefed about the ongoing and upcoming projects of Deerwalk Compware.