Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

All Hands Meeting

By Ashmita Thapa

Photo Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

On March 11th, 2016 the All Hands Meeting was conducted, the Campus Chief of  DWIT, Rudra Pandey, addressed the students of 4 batches 2016-2019. The agenda of the meeting was to let the students know about the future plans of the DWIT College and the upcoming Deerutsav2.0.

In the context of the graduation ceremony of students of DWIT batch-2015, the chairman of the DWIT, Rudra Pandey announced that the interested students will be taken to a village for different kinds of teaching internships. “Knowledge flourishes if shared” was the motto behind this purpose. He also announced that the students graduating from DWIT will not only be limited to the DWS, they will be given exposure to work in various IT companies of Nepal. Apart from that, the students might also get an opportunity of internships in the United States and maybe other different countries.

The DeerUtsav 2.0 is going to be held in the Sagarmatha Hall on 13th of March, 2016. It is also going to be the graduation ceremony of the batch 2015.

Rudra Pandey also addressed the problem of the internet connection which was affecting every student in DWIT. By Wednesday, all the problems of the internet is expected to be over. All the necessary equipment has been arranged said Hitesh Karki, the Chief Academic Officer of DWIT. Moreover, it was announced that the DWIT NEWS has now been converted to an established organization, separate from DWIT. It has been registered under the names of the two chief co-editors, Nikita Gautam and Ashmita Kunwar. Congratulations for everyone involved for this amazing piece of news!