Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Agony

By Nikita Gautam

I just looked back, back into the misery

Earth was yawning I guess, to fill us with grief

Every living creature was trembling to death,

With what was called a quake.


I ran with my little girl like a darted missile

But my wife couldn't make it

She was departed,

 With the house carrying my unborn child

Abandoned were those whose souls lied crushed in the ground

Neither angel could heal them or the cries

Lamented to the distant land,

Neither saying goodbye.


The agony grew, day by day tearing my soul apart

I still had a life to save, which held me intact.

Then slowly it came together,

To rebuilt and to mend a new life

Like a worm renovating into a butterfly.


We only had started flying again,

When our wings were cut

Shattering us to the ground once again

With the so called disrupt.


They called it Blockade, but I call it a raid

A raid dwindling all our hopes,

No food, no electricity, no faith.

More than 4 months now it's been,

Not a voice stood against.

Yet people like us have been killed,

But does it matter to people sleeping in warm bed and peace?