Fri, 24 May, 2024

Advancing to Earth – Part IV

By Dipesh Poudel

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A decade has passed since the war has started. More than five millions intelligent life from more than 500 planets have lost their lives in the war. Isn’t it funny that the reason of the war is control over organization that protect lives?

In the beginning of the war it seems as if the planets lead by Zodia were in disadvantages because lacked expertise in war. Whereas the planets lead by Earth had a lot of war experience even though it was inside their planet itself. But the Zodia and planets supporting Zodia were technologically sound which matched the experience of Earth and planets supporting earth. It seems as if this war is never going to stop. Both alliances are finding new and easy way of killing each other. They might even have forgotten what they were fighting for in the first place.

There is no need for a good reason to start the war, but no one ever thought that the cause of the war would be a cute little animal. One day the ambassador of one the planet of Earth alliance goes to visit king of planet of Zodia alliance. A small dog like animal march towards the ambassador as he enters the palace. The cute animal tries to bite him. He kicks the animal to protect himself. The cute little animal died then and there. That cute animal happened to be princess’s pet. She was really sad when she found out about death of her pet. Seeing her daughter sad king promised princess that she can make a wish and it will come true. Princess in anger asked for the ambassador head. Since the promise was made king order soldier to kill the ambassador. Finding about the death of ambassador the planet where ambassador belong declared war against the planet in which he was killed. This was a spark to the war. After this the war spread like wildfire. In about a month all the known planets were at war. It seems like a crappy story but it is reality. No one knows how the war will end but one thing is for sure it is going cause damage that can never be repaired.