Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Advancing to Earth - Part III

By Dipesh Poudel

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A century has passed since Zodians and humans met for the first time.  We are celebrating it in our camps by planning to destroy one another. A small dispute arose between us which has now  led us to the brink of war.

Zodians and humans worked together for years. Together we discovered about 500 other planets with life and made contact with them. We all worked together hand in hand to make the universe a better place to live. We discussed and formulated guidelines for traveling from one planet to another in the universe. After the formulation of the guidelines, even a general citizen from a planet would be able to travel to another planet. The guidelines made traveling from one planet to another easy but with that there was increase in crime rate in space. Space pirates were causing a lot of problems for the travelers. To tackle this problem all the planets came together and discussed how to solve the problem. The solution was quite easy, start an intergalactic police force that would provide security to everyone traveling in space. It was a good idea, but there was a dispute in how to handle the organization. One group was saying that the intergalactic police force should be independent and the other group was saying that it should work under UPSO (United Planets in Space Organization) that consisted of all 502 known planets with intelligent life. Earth was leading the side that supported the idea of making intergalactic police force work under UPOS and Zodiac was leading the side that supported the idea that the intergalactic police force should be independent. Each side was trying to impose their idea on the other. No one wanted to back out from their idea because it was a perfect time to show who was dominant. This madness to prove themselves as dominant caused a dispute in which all the known planets with intelligent life were participating. Due to the conflict no citizen of one planet can travel from his/her home planet to another. Every planet is recruiting as many men as they can in their army so that they can be victorious in the battle field. All of them are making preparations but no one is ready to attack first because they know it will be a huge burden to carry. Being responsible for starting a war that will take life in billions is not some burden anyone wishesto carry. For now this fear is stopping the war but the question remains ,“for how long?”.