Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

Acting Is A Medium That Makes Us Deliberate On Life

By Osheen Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: www.hollywoodoracle.com Acting is a process in which people try to express feelings of a fictional character or play a fictional situation. In other words, it is pretending. So, isn’t acting basically pretending? Yes, of course, acting is pretending except there are some elements such as scripts, lighting, costumes and so on. The biggest challenge is to maintain the spontaneity of pretending which makes acting outstanding. Aren't you curious about the first person who actually started acting and how the concept of acting even started? Well, I am. That’s why I surfed the internet and I found some interesting history about acting. It is believed that the first actor was a Greek whose name was Thespis. The concept of acting in fact, started when he spoke as if he was a character. Before Thespis, the chorus narrated," He did this and that". Then, Thespis came up with the idea of acting as if he was one of the characters. His little step created a revolution. Acting is a tough row to hoe. Many predetermined factors such as scripts, costumes, and budget should be taken into consideration. For building the ability to transfer into a convincing character for the audience one needs strenuous hours of rehearsals. An actor must have important qualities like creativity, speaking skills, reading skills, memorization skills, persistence, and physical stamina. Besides that, they should have patience in order to stand out. I am not into acting but I think that for acting, one should be a "feeler" rather than a "pretender". It is hard to act if he/she is not comforted by it. There was a research done in which one student had to act as if he had hurt his leg badly. His teacher made him run about two hours that made his leg hurt badly. It was found that the acting he did after the run was much better than before. That’s why, in order to make acting better, an actor should be much familiar with the situation they are acting in. Is acting as a career fit in the context of Nepal? I think my answer to that question is a big Yes! Well, Nepal has made a lot of improvements in the film sector seeking for better actors. There are many talented actors in Nepal, but the demand for the new face with some real talent will always be welcomed in the acting sector. Besides those popular actors who have always been successful to touch the heart of their audience, there are some actors who randomly get into acting that leads to a terrible impression of them towards the audience. Thus, there should be some strict rules implemented, such as requirements of taking acting classes, some experience in the field and the rest that will help the actors to maintain their standard. Acting is not just about entertainment and being famous, it is the medium that makes us deliberate on life.