Sun, 26 May, 2024

Accounting Poem for Grade XI

By Saurav Karki

My Love, I've made a journal entry in my heart, Debiting your love and crediting my affection. Theorized on 21st-century accounting, Our transaction is based on double entry system.   Your smile is the capital of my business, My love lies in the ledger folio, Your love is my profit, and your hatred is my loss, Errors in my entry must be minimized be few.   Your trust in me is the assets, Compliments of love are the liabilities. Love letters falls on the deposits, Now my journal has everything of its necessities.   The transaction is abstract, but that's all I've got, Sure, posting this entry on ledger shall be tough. But I am well aware of my business, Depreciation will never occur in the trial balance of my love.

About Author:
Saurav Karki is BBA undergrad at Nepal Commerce Campus, Tribhuvan University. Cool, Frank, Freaky, none of these words have enough power to describe him. At his best, he is a photographer, who explores the wonders of nature as a profound traveler. His interests include Accountancy, Music, Social services and reading Literatures. He writes, when his heart provokes him, thus hurls his pen relative with the paper.