Fri, 24 May, 2024

Accidents or Murders?

By Dipesh Poudel

I just killed a person. Why? Because If I had not killed this person he would have certainly killed another innocent person on the road and gotten away with it in the name of road accident. I kill those who do not follow the traffic rules and play with the lives of others. I do not care what they do with their lives, but I cannot stand and watch a person’s life taken away because of another person’s mistake. You may believe that they are but accidents and chance events can happen anywhere to anyone. Yes, accidents can happen anywhere to anyone. But what I am talking about are murders. They are not coincidences or accidents. The accidents could have been easily avoided if some simple rules were followed. But people are too busy to follow rules. The effect of this is unavoidable road accidents and most of the time the person who lives by the rules loses his/her life. The person who did not follow the rules and caused accidents easily gets away with this by paying some fine. How easily a person gets away with murder by putting on the mask of “accidents”. I kill to protect. Protect the lives of those who follow rules from those who don’t.

I was not born a murderer. But that day made me one. I clearly remember the day that turned me into a murderer. I had not hurt anyone intentionally. That day good news was pouring down on me. In the morning my wife’s pregnancy test came in positive. In the office, I got a letter from CERN, world largest particle physics laboratory saying that they were interested in theory I had presented in my research paper and they wanted to do more research on it. They asked me to join their research team. This was like a dream come true. Later that day, my wife called and told me about her promotion. She worked at a bank. I was happy to hear about it and told her about my new job offer. To celebrate this day of good news we planned to go out to dinner. She chose the place, it was a very good restaurant where we met for the first time five years ago. We have been married for three years. After the dinner we got in our car to return home. I was driving the car. I was driving carefully. We reached a Chowk near our house. While crossing the Chowk a car at very high speed came and collided with our car. I hit my head on the steering wheel. After that, everything went black.

I woke up in a bed. I thought it was just a dream,but when I looked around I found that I was at a hospital. This meant all that happened was true, it was not a dream. I had only some minor injuries. When I asked about my wife they told me that she was had passed away and so was my unborn. I was so shocked that I could not even cry. What wrong had my unborn done to be dead before he/she was born?

The guy who ran his car over us had drunk a lot that night. He was the son of some big politician so he was set free after paying a few thousand as a fine. I went to many places begging for justice, but I was not given any. So I decided that I will do the justice myself and killed the guy who killed my wife and my unborn child. When I killed that guy I promised myself I will not let any other unborn child die like mine did. I will not let some guy snatch others’ happiness because he/she was too busy to follow some rules.

Those who don’t follow rules, especially traffic rules beware! I am coming to get you.