Sun, 26 May, 2024


By Ashmita Thapa

Aayo Kitab is a project initiated by Siddhartha Arts Foundation Education Initiative. The idea behind the project is about utilizing the time spent in the bus by reading something productive. A small library is placed in two of the buses of Mahanagar Yatayat, which is one of the biggest transport companies in Nepal. Aayo Kitab is initially implemented in Bus No: 17 and Bus No: 3. Those buses have pictures of national Nepali writers in the windows. They even have unique stickers on the front face so one can easily identify it from a distance. If you are curious about the project then you can find more about it here.


The purpose of the library is to promote Nepali writings and Nepali writers. The passengers can read during their period of travel but they must return the book before they get off the bus. Being a Nepali we all understand the pain we have to go through because of traffic jams. Stuck in Traffic? Resort to reading the flaming writings of the most famous writers of Nepal. This will help bring out some positive changes in the field of Nepali literature.

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